Remember when I teased about any potential lurking creepers on this blog because I am a dirty mom..... who loves her garden?

I have a confession.
I'm kinda a creeper too.
In the garden I mean.

Come on though, I can't be the only photographer with their eyes on the neighbours garden!


Hey, I've got creepers in my garden too!

This was prior to the ratty trees being pulled out.
And do please take special note of the Christmas lights.

Left Brain next December, probably. 

What are you creeping on?

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P.S   For those of you who read my Coffee Chat post and were interested in a Beach Scavenger Hunt to do this summer, I found a great free printable over at Robin's, Masshole Mommy -- get it here!   Robin's blog is awesome for all kinds of resources and definitely check in with her posts regarding the year long adventure she and her husband have embarked upon #rueyear2016