Summer is coming!!

I know this because it gets light earlier each day.

I know it gets light earlier each day because our cat Cashew keeps jumping on my head at the crack of dawn in the vain hope that I will get up out of my cosy bed -- in my DARK bedroom - and let him outside.

7 days straight now.
7 days it's been a No.

I need you to catch on quicker Cashew.

Yes, as much as I cannot wait to be sitting with this view, I am not a 5 am get up and go to the beach kinda girl.  

I probably would not even get up for coffee.   And singing the song of your people at the front door at the top of your kitty lungs... it's still No.
Seriously, it's not looking good for you.

I'm sorry, I love you; but having my head pounced on each morning is just not on my Summer Bucket List.
Anyone know how to bribe a cat to sleep in?

He doesn't even like boxes.
Like my cat can't cat... what am I supposed to do with that?!

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Summer Bucket List!!!  
You don't want to have a cruel summer, 
so time to plan all the fun. 

Does your house have an early God is not even up riser?    Honestly, I trained the kids to sleep in, but I don't know how to make a fur kid sleep.  He seems to be sleeping all the freaking time!   Except, at the omg oclock crack of dawn.
It's a cruel twist of fate.

But, I am prepared for the summer months when his constant meowing will no doubt wake the children.   Yes, the very children that sleep in all year round so that they are almost late for school;  but shoot up out of bed like a shot of FOMO was injected straight into their little bodies.   That's Fear Of Missing Out for those of you still blessedly asleep.

And by "prepared" I do mean boxes of coffee are stocked.
That, and a handy little Summer Bucket List for those days mama can't get her thinking cap on straight.
And by that I mean, at all.
I mean, I am sorry I am late to the party but I didn't want to come. 
I don't want to think today.  Or adult.

Of course we will have an awesome summer!!
So let it be written, so let it be done!
And one thing I will add to this handy list of fun is that basically I want to Get Out more.    Last year was a bust thanks to the weather being a picky fussy mcfussy pants that changed about 12 times in an hour.    This summer?

I'm not taking any of your shit Mother Nature!   We will be in you.
If someone can just come over and hide every single video game and disconnect Netflix, I am sure we will get every single item checked off just fine.

What adventures will you be having this summer?

Next Week:  What would you do differently, if you knew no one would judge you?