Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat.
I begin the week with a heavy heart. 
Wondering why there is so much hate in the world.

I didn't hear the news from Orlando until later Sunday, as I was attending a picnic.   It was a nice day of fellowship with other ladies, as we prepared dishes in the kitchen to serve our church family.   More laughter and bonding as we cleaned up and then went on our merry way home.  Content in our secure and free life.

Now imagine if a gunman had broke into our church and open fired on our happy little indoor picnic --- just because he hated our Religion.  Or God.  Or that we were  not all in our "Sunday Best" but more casually attired.  Because it's a picnic y'all.   Or that we served cherry cheesecake instead of strawberry shortcake.  Pick a damn thing to be offended about.

Imagine that man, so full of hate and rage, killing 50 of our members.   Men, women, children; no person was safe.  Imagine the terror of those waiting someplace in hiding, hoping and praying not to be found.  Frantically texting out their goodbyes to loved ones who could only feel helplessness on the other end.  Imagine the ones fleeing the building; lucky to have escaped but forever living in guilt for the very same reason.

Imagine that you are Catholic.  Or Buddhist.  Or even an atheist.

Would you still mourn our loss? 
Or celebrate the elimination of our kind because you do not agree with our lifestyle?

This is the place I find myself today.
I will explain.  Trust me; it's completely relevant to today's topic.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

What would you do differently, 
if you knew no one would judge you?

As a professed Christian, I am sure many would assume that I support the notion of one man, one woman forever tied in holy matrimony.  Well, since I AM married to a man, clearly I do support that notion.   Cherish it in fact.

I also cherish the notion that every other HUMAN BEING on the planet should also have the Right and Freedom to seek the same joy and love.   For me, this is a fundamental Human Right; this freedom to have the life partner of your choice.   So, whether I agree with same sex marriage or not; does not erase this Right. 

As you know, I hate unadorned broccoli.   But I don't expect the rest of you not to eat it just because I don't like it.   Yes, it really is that simple.

Do I understand all the different orientation variables today?  Nope.
Does that matter?  Nope.

First and foremost:  All People.   One Race.  One World.   Love is Love.

So when my heart was breaking late Sunday upon hearing this tragic news from Orlando, and I saw all the tributes and prayers flooding the Internet; I was left in a quandary.

Do I post something to my social media?   Knowing many from my church might witness it and judge me wanting as a Christian?   Judge me for "supporting" gay rights.   For mourning them (and yes I actually saw posts like this that sickened me) "when they got their due result for wickedness in the face of God."  

Disgusting.  Cowardly responses.
How can you see to type with that log in your eye?
And where is your Compassion?

Do I risk a public rebuking and possible alienation from my own kind?
You bet your ass I risk it.

Why am I supporting this?   If you have to ask, you should probably unfollow me right now.   In fact, I insist on it.

I mourn this tragedy because it was not just 50 "gays" that lost their life.
It was 50 PEOPLE who were gunned down while enjoying a night out.
50 Innocent fellow Humans who were judged and found guilty and executed in a blood bath without mercy.

50 Precious Souls who were also Children Of God.  Created by Him.  Loved by HIM.   

If you think this is God's justice for sin, please do not call yourself a Christian.  And I pray for your own soul, that your hands are clean.   Even as I know they are not.   Because none of us are.  

So yes, I am praying for Orlando.  I am supporting Equality.  I am praying for the safety of every single person celebrating a Pride Parade this week.   Because no one deserves to be murdered because they are different.

I noticed that not one single person who follows me from my own church made a "like" or a comment on that photo I posted.  Not one.   And that saddens me.  Maybe they just don't want to comment publicly, but privately are grieving and praying too.  Maybe they just don't want to create any controversy.   I ask:  How are we to be messengers of Love and Mercy and Forgiveness; if we cannot see the Human factor in such tragic moments?   If we cannot see a person with the Father's Eyes, but our own glasses tainted in judgment?

How do we send the message that we are tired of this senseless violence that permeates our schools, our workplaces, and now our places of leisure?    THAT is what I am speaking out against.

I am not simply standing up in support of the LGBT community.   I am speaking up AGAINST the disease of Discrimination.  It is not okay.  It is not the sign of a healthy society that we have such extreme hatred and violence, and that these individuals act upon those prejudices.  People are dying. 

I'm sorry to those who expect a different perspective from me, but I simply cannot ignore the fact that being Homosexual, or Transgendered; carries with it a very high price.
It could cost you your life.

And I'm not okay with that.

You know, I totally understand that we are all have our personal beliefs and we strongly feel the need to remain committed to those ideals.   I believe we all have the free will to decide what those ideals - whether they are religious/spiritual, political, or ethical - will be.  I believe we all have the right to voice our opinion about those ideals, and stand firm against those who would tell us to change.

But you don't have the right to Hate.
And you certainly don't have the right to Kill.

Honestly, ask yourself what tune you would be whistling, should it become common entertainment to throw Christians to the lions once again?

I suspect you would suddenly understand Discrimination on a brand new level.  And fast.

So yeah, I posted it.  I stand with Orlando.  
I regret nothing.

 Have you ever taken a risk, to take a stand against something?

Next Week:  What's in your Emergency Go Bag?  You do have an Emergency bag, right?