Yep, this time I am all hot and sticky and I think I found some cedar twigs in my hair.

Don't worry about me though; just maximizing my searchability.
You know if I am hot and dirty it means there are new flowers blooming.
And sadly in this case, two less trees.

I am so sorry.
I just threw a snowball right at your face.   No warning.
I do apologize for this snowstorm in June, but it's the only picture I could find that showed my two cedar trees.   I think this was with my crappy iPhone3 cell phone.
I promise to follow with better pictures by the end of the post.

Anyway, these two cedars had grown taller than the house and were now knocking on and against our roof and gutters every windy day.   We did trim them down to below the windows; a nicely detailed shrub was the idea.

You know,

Yeah, it didn't really work out so well.
So I had Left Brain tear them out this week.   And then I had to get busy and redo that front garden.   Thankfully I had some dirty/compost and red mulch left over, and an overgrown garden in the backyard.

I can't wait for it to fill in over the years and really level up our curb appeal.  Especially that bleeding heart that I transplanted new from the back yard.    The two in containers will eventually go in the ground when they are a bit bigger.   One is a peony bush, the other a rose bush.   Over the next week, I will add some bright spots of colour!

Well, those are certainly not the post photographic highlights are they?
Since I didn't have any actual flowers to complete the outdoor job this particular day; I took the gardening inside.

I had so much fun doing my flower/garden vintage looks last Art post, that I wanted to try some more looks.  This time with some of my garden art.

The goal is to create enough unique prints at first, and then I will see what shall become of them. 

Two different looks for this particular cherub

These could still change into something entirely different.   Or maybe just a tweak to finish the look.   I am becoming more confident in knowing when to say "enough."
I suspect that applies to Life, as well as Art.

Definitely a good way to keep whatever Creative Art in your life... or yard, feeling newly inspired.

Have you re-invented anything lately?

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