Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat.

Technically it's Monday night.
And I just had a nap.  And some tea.
I'm a web of lies!!!  

I'm also late. Again.
It's my new (ish) mantra.  All the time I am late.   To everything.
No, this isn't a pregnancy announcement.

Although I do feel THAT tired, and slightly ill.
I'm going to eat some leftover birthday cake and see if that helps.

What diet and fitness challenge?
I can't leave something.. especially cake... left unfinished!!

Web. Of. Lies.
I'm really just PMS and camping hangover trash.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

My home has several projects requiring starting/finishing.  
I hate leaving something unfinished.  
 Are you a starter or a finisher?

Well clearly since I am quite willing to forgo my entire diet and exercise plan since last Friday, and gobble up this birthday cake, I don't like leaving things unfinished.

I promise to get back on track tomorrow.  *Web grows*
Next Monday at the latest. 

I would also like to clarify that of the following unfinished projects: missing finishing trim, unreplaced burned out light bulbs, missing wall between downstairs bathroom and laundry room, garage of disaster and utter chaos and probably a few dead critters because something smells in there, laundry --- 

Only ONE is my area of responsibility.
If you guessed garage, you get to help Left Brain come clean it. 

There are some completely good and valid and mostly money reasons why these projects remain undone.   Also, I am sure if I looked around I could add more.   So if you visit, please ignore the faded and rotting front deck, and also the fact that my new bathroom floor tile does not match the shower tile or the vanity counter top. 

That and good reasons aside: it drives the ever loving @#$#@Y out of me to look around, for sometimes a few years, and still this stuff unfinished. 
I don't make Lists, but I do have a mental list, and not having these things crossed off just causes them to continue to weigh heavy on my mind.

Trust me, I am well aware:  It's disgustingly first world problem when I have all I need, and these are pesky details.  Still, I fear that a new list will begin growing in my mind:  Things Not Crossed Off!!   Dammit now I got two mental lists to carry forward every day and I can't even remember if I bathed the kids tonight. 

I've told you before, I got a noisy brain.  It never stops.  Even now, as I am typing away, it is arguing with me that I did not in fact bathe the kids tonight and honestly what kind of a mother are you?!   And I am arguing back, justifying the non cleanliness because they had a bath LAST night and honestly brain; how dirty do you think they get at school all day?

Brain retorts:

My mind is a bag of cats some days.
Which is why it cannot handle lists with things not done.  
There's too much going on in there, competing for attention:  Quiet Down!!

I have stories to tell and photos to edit and scraps of written verse that has to amount to something creative eventually.   Ever so much more than my living space, I do get uneasy when my Creative space becomes cluttered. 

And honestly, the one task that IS my job, I have perfectly good excuse why I cannot finish it. 

 You see, as I said yesterday, this is why naps are important. 
 How could I disturb all that cuteness?
He's even got a snuggle Bounce sheet to give himself sweet scented dreams.

Cats are pretty smart.  They know how to balance Life.   I should probably just go straight back to bed.

Clearly my required amount of sleep per decade is left unfinished.