A very Happy Memorial Day to my southern neighbours!
Although, "happy" does not really seem to be the right prefix for the holiday.

Reflect.  Honour.  Remember.

Those seem much better things about this American holiday.  As you take the time to remember those who serve, I hope that you don't simply utter some emotional words; but that you all remember to LIVE by them daily too.  That's the best way to show our gratitude to those who gave their all.

So welcome to this week's Coffee Chat!
I wish I had some Dunkin Donuts coffee for the weekly chat today.   I hear y'all got a  Coconut flavoured Ice Coffee down there, and I may just have to move to get that on my taste buds.

An Iced Cap would be pretty terrific today, since we are consistently hitting above 25 C (that's about 77 F in American), with a humid-ex factor into the 30s.  Ugh.

I think I found a new fitness challenge.  I haven't changed the workouts at all.... just jump around for 30 minutes in a very hot room!   I think I sweat an extra 3 pounds easily today.  And that was just my feet.

Other than that, I've had a pretty good weekend of very hard work balanced with company (which when you only find out about 10 minutes prior to arrival, is kinda work too) balanced with time in Mr Golden Sun, and a fairly easy Monday to start the week.

Lots of good things.   Yes, I must mention them now because you may have noticed the absence of a One Good Thing post this weekend.   That's not because I have given up on finding good things, but rather I think the meme has reached it's end.  There was not a lot of participation besides myself and our host.   To those of you who did share, thanks so much for showing the goodness of your life.   Maybe it will return.  I am sure you might find one from time to time around here.

Sometimes things just have a season, and then they are done.  Gone.  It's just the passage of time and a need fulfilled.   We move ever forward.   I'm okay with those kinds of changes.  There is always good things in the future, and more beauty to be found in this world.  That's what I am taking with me.  In my purse I've called Gratitude.

Other things?
Well, they linger over long.
They just need to pack up and go.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

What are you bored of?  
Has something reached it's 15 minutes,
 and needs to just go?

Quite truthfully, I am never bored.   I get asked that question a lot as a stay at home mom.  I guess they think I sit here and twiddle my thumbs until the kids come home.  Or that laundry and floor washing actually subtracts brain cells.  I don't know.  Life is challenging enough - I don't know why I'd have to go seeking ways to make it harder by juggling All The Things just to appease another's idea of Entertainment. 

There is always something to do.  It's a great big wide world out there.  How can you not find something to do?   I watched a toad hop around the garden for a solid 15 minutes today.  I put an empty flower pot near him in case he might be looking for a house.  He hopped right inside!    It was magic.   Bored?  I helped a toad find a home people! 

That being said, if you invite me over to your house to watch the Kardashians?   Yeah, Imma be ready to shoot myself in about 2 minutes.  Not sure "boredom" would be the exact cause of death though.

Reality TV for me is a rather ridiculous term because let's just be honest: reality is kinda what you are escaping from when your watch this genre.   It seems to me, there is nothing REAL about these shows.   And I know what you're thinking, that Super Heroes and The Walking Dead are not exactly rooted in reality either.   Well no, but some of the questions and ethical situations the characters find themselves pondering, are entirely rooted in our modern world.  And that makes me ponder too.  I've had very interesting discussions based on what's happened within such shows.   I can also see that a cooking show, a home improvement show, or a musical show would be entertaining. Those are some actual talents demonstrated, and you might even learn a thing or two.

How do you think I got the idea for my DIY headboard?

What kind of discussion abounds after watching a show about a quasi famous family who from what I can tell, actually does nothing?   Is there something I can learn from them?   I don't have a sex tape hidden in my house, and my father is still a man (not that there is anything wrong with that), so I am not sure we are pondering the same things in life, or traveling the same path.   No one will invite me to the opening of a fancy LA restaurant, or give me front seats to the latest fashion shows just because I exist.

And right there, she lost me.
Which one is that?   Well, whoever she is, I'm just grateful I can go out and shop for the food my family requires, so right there: I don't get your reality.

Truthfully, and since I have never been motivated to watch, all these years later I still don't know who the Kardashians are, what they do, or why I should give up precious time of my life to watch them do.... whatever it is they do.  Same with any of those bickering housewives.   Or those poor souls who actually think they might find true love, with a man who has already tested 24 other young ladies prior to them to find this elusive "true" love.   I hear this Big Brother is a pretty popular one too.   Meh.  I've already lived in  dormitory with 1,200 other young people.  I won't lie - it WAS entertaining; but I don't need to relive it.

Did Survivor really just finish it's 32nd Season?!?!!
Now, I will admit I did enjoy that one in the first couple of seasons.  I gave up around the time after Boston Rob.   It just became the same old same old slightly more Hollywood version of Lord of the Flies.  I'd rather read the original book.

Please don't think I am judging anyone who watches these shows.  We all need ways to relax from the daily grind, and give our brains a good rest.   If that's what helps you at the end of a long day, then who am I to tell you different.  You do you. 

I just don't get some of them.   It's the "car wreck principle" -- watching something horrible unfold because our curiosity demands we look.   It needs satisfying I guess.

And right there, it should become clear why I don't get the appeal of such shows.
I'm going to keep looking for the goodness.  Set my mind on such fare that raises people up and reminds us of our common interests and bonds.  Shows how we are all connected. That's where my curiosity remains.   I rather think most of these shows would just make me feel bad about myself, or the world in general.

I suppose in all fairness, maybe that's exactly what they are all about.   Just helping your forget your troubles -- by focusing on theirs.   We all got struggles, right?

And once again, she lost me.

To be fair though, if you have a favourite reality TV show you want to defend, let me know in the comments.   Who knows, maybe I will find myself bored and with time to spare one night.

How do you combat boredom?

Next Week:  Summer Bucket List!!!  You don't want to have a cruel summer, so time to plan all the fun.