I am so dirty!

Pardon, last garden post I did where I mentioned being the dirtiest mom on the planet, I got like a ka-billion hits! 

Everyone wave to the creepy lurkers!

Well sorry to disappoint you "honestly I am just here for the article" types, but this is a post about getting dirty in the actual Dirt.    As in My Garden.

No, not a euphemism.
Moving on.

No actually; I don't want to move.   I've been moving All Day!
First, I helped my parents with their yard sale.   Which was actually quite fun talking to all the residents in their new condo.
Old people are funny y'all.

And I don't mean false teeth fall into their drink funny..... although that was.   Rather their perspective on life and how they can just cut to the chase about certain things.  They sum up the little mysteries and intricacies of life in an amusing way.   If you ever get the chance to sit down and talk with a bunch of our wonderful elderly - do take it.

They also make interesting drinks like Golden Cadillac's and Old Fashioned's and play old swing music for their yard sales.  On Fleek people. 

Yeah, I said that.
I'm hanging out with old people and swinging and playing in the dirt people -- were you expecting lofty intellect in this post?  

After all that, I still had energy to come home and work for 3 hours in my gardens.  New flowers and plants, hanging baskets and containers Oh My!   Left Brain got me the gift of every country gal's heart:  dirt.

So my garden's have a fresh layer of compost, dirt and some red cedar mulch.
And so do I.
Literally everywhere.   I think this is officially the dirtiest I have ever been.

*still here lurkers?*

By the time I was done, it was time for supper --- but not before a cool shower with a very strong scrub brush.  It was too late to get some pictures for you today.  And I think things need to fill in a bit more.  But as I sit sipping my cup of tea and browsing through some garden photos of the past; an idea hit me.
The. Past.

So yeah, this was my very boring probably to those who came here hoping for something else segue into Hey Look - I made some sorta vintage looking flower prints. 

Nothing particularly special here.  I had no real game plan, other than to get a vintage feel.

This was not about having any specific end result in mind, but just to experiment and see what the photo becomes.   I really enjoyed the process because it allowed me to see my photography in a new light.   Some of these pictures are 2 or 3 years old, and it's nice to find a good use for them -- other than just sitting on my hard drive. 

Maybe they will become something more:  a photo card to a friend, a print for a wall, or one day something for sale.  Who knows. 

Just another step in the journey of incorporating more Art into my world.

Saturday Art @ ImagesByCW