“Every day may not be good… but there’s one good thing in every day!” 
~ Alice Morse Earle

And then there are those days, that you just score perfect marks all across the board.
So many good things are happening, that you don't have time to write about the so many good things that are happening.

It's a good problem to have.   You should hold onto those days; appreciate them for the rare gems they are.   It's fuel in your tank for the days it's hard to find the good.   For those will surely come also.

When all else fails; Love Remains.
And a heaping measure of Grace is always welcome too.   If you missed this article A Holy Experience, go read it now and come back and tell me how many times you were nodding your head.

Thankfully, my Mother's Day required no Do-Over.    I mean, how can you complain about any day that you get to sleep in and have coffee delivered to you in bed.    I was awake.  I knew the kids were too excited to bring their little hand made offerings to me.  Also, if you can sleep through the smell of bacon cooking;  What stern metal are you made of exactly?!

But those offerings made with your own child's hands.   Is there anything better?

Ahhh, they do know this mama has a need to feel in touch with Mother Earth.
These will eventually go in the garden, but I love that they decorated the pots anyway.

AngelGirl also bought me a gorgeous African violet with her own money.   And one for Grandma too.

 MonkeyBoy made this placement for me.  I love all the things it encompasses about Motherhood. 

ZooZoo is turning out to be pretty craft herself!
And doing some writing with my new pretty pen was a easy breezy way to start my Monday morning too.

Anyone else find Mother's Day very busy and you actually don't really get any time to yourself?  LOL
Not a bad problem to have either.

So my special day started with brunch with my parents, followed by a day of shopping with my mom. 
Got new shoes!!   So. Comfy.

Then home for some coffee and birthday cake because I will be away at Girl Guide camp next weekend; which is my actual birthday.
You know your day is pretty good when you can find an excuse to eat cake.

Then it was off to see Captain America Civil War with MonkeyBoy!!
No, it wasn't the first time.  Left Brain and I saw it Saturday night at the full VIP IMAX 3D theatre.
No I won't start gushing here - suffice to say You Will Not Be Disappointed By This Movie.   You don't even have to be a Marvel Fan.  It's THAT good.   The emotional journey is just phenomenal.    The scenes between Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are just Full On dramatic intensity.  So. Good.
Biceps in 3D not a bad thing either.

Why was I awake when it's my day to sleep in?
Well, somethings never change even though you grow older, so I had to make something with my own hands for my mother too.    Particularly since I have been a very bad daughter who happens to take A LOT of pictures; but then doesn't share them with the grandparents!
So, my printer got a workout this Mother's Day.

 Ahhh, the feels.
Also, Ugh.   Can I really be this old?   LOL

And now here I am on Monday morning, still technically abed.   Still in my new super soft summery night gown I bought while shopping.   House quiet.  The house still slightly smelling like bacon.   Coffee on my night stand surrounded by all the little Mother's Day offerings that demonstrate how Big Love is when it reveals itself.  In what tiny hands craft and bigger hands freely give.   It flows from their heart to mine; pure and unfettered.

Love and Grace and Good Things; if you hold them close - carried in a bag with no other label than Gratitude;  they will carry over.   Spill into each new day.   Into each life that touches yours.

No need for super powers to find the good in each day.  In a single moment.
Remember what I said; it's not the show of strength displayed; but the strength of your Heart. 

Still, a certain truth remains:  the only way to strengthen a muscle, is to work it.

So flex away, and tell me:  What's Good?

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