There is so much to be thankful for every single day.
Taking the time to notice and then reflect on the things that we are grateful for,  not only brings you more positive emotions; but to those around you also.

Some days, I still need this reminder.
To just simply say thanks.  

The benefits are endless: you sleep better, you feel more energetic - Alive even!  It's easier to show kindness and compassion towards others.  It can even boost your immune system.
I am convinced living this as my daily practice is one of the main reasons I have not been terribly sick this past winter.

It just really increases your overall life satisfaction - trust me on this.
Believe me, I know all too well how negative and horrible the world can be.  I send my Left Brain out to battle those monsters every day.

And every day he returns home, is far more than gratitude for his safety.  So much more than a sigh of relief.   Though it's easy to forget the possible danger some days.  I still say a prayer of thanks; though how do you adequately thank someone who literally places the value of your life; above their own?

Do you know anyone who would put themselves in harms way - to save you?

Today is the Ontario Police Memorial Ceremony/March in Toronto, Ontario, where Left Brain has joined many other officers to remember their fallen comrades.    Please keep in mind today that there is a PERSON behind the badge.  A son, a husband, a father who just wants to make the world a little better for those he loves too.   I know there are those who bring dishonour: let's not think of those today, but of the ones who make the greatest sacrifice of all - for us.

Yeah, I do love my heroes.
I really have a knack for choosing well.    I can't contain myself sometimes, and had to tweet my side out like a good little bird.

But I really like it when they say thanks for being on their team too!

Be still my little fangirl heart!!  Thanks Chris.   It's my genuine pleasure.
Maybe we can't all be heroes.  Maybe I am a hero -- somewhere inside.

Maybe I was simply called to love a hero.
But at the very least, we call can stand on the curb and clap our thanks as they march by.

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