Hello, is anyone still out there?
So glad if you are still with me, though I have been absent much of late.   I feel like I've just returned from an epic long journey.

Which is code for:  I took a nap and honestly I have no idea if 20 minutes has passed, or like 5 years.
Naps are dangerous.

I'm so exhausted.  And I can't stop shivering for some reason, but I don't really feel "sick" per say.   If you have ever camped in a tiny cabin with 24 screaming and loaded up on sugar and fresh air Girl Guides; maybe you have felt the same and are better medical advisor than Google? 

All I can say is: Home Sweet Home.

And I don't just say that because I have Wifi again.

“Every day may not be good… but there’s one good thing in every day!” 
~Alice Morse Earle

That's the idea for this meme - to find the good in life.   And I won't lie, but I had to dig down deep today.   I woke up not feeling well at all.   The weekend... nay, probably months of go go go, finally caught up.   My body did not want to get out of bed.  

But, I remembered I had the Good Coffee!!

But not until after the kids are gone.
Do kids really have to go to school?  I mean... really?  

Well, yes - they do.  And I had to get to my volunteer job at our community centre today too, so Up and At Em!! 

Well, there's one good thing right there:  Service to Others.    
I promise you, when you put your own sadness behind you and get busy lifting someone else spirits; even if it is simply serving a meal and washing some dishes?   You will find goodness.  And it came from within You.   If that's not something to give you joy, I don't know what else to recommend.

The great thing is, while I was busy serving, and yes completely running on adrenaline and pain killers, people asked me about my big Guide camping weekend.  Because they knew I was there, AND that it was my birthday weekend too.

And you know what?  As I began to share the camping stories..... goodness glowed right there in the  middle of us.   Bottle that up could you Tylenol?

I cannot share many pictures due to confidentiality, but I edited some so you could get an idea.  

Suffice to say: we have a great bunch of young girls we were privileged to lead and get to know this year.    And though we could hardly see each other through the mist of rain and bugs like a damn plague set upon us; laughter still rang out loud in clear in those woods.

Also, campfire songs!

 Ever dig for worms in whip cream?

Finger print post card craft!

And birthday wishes!
(yes, my Guide name is Cutie-Pie.  I believe it's a My Little Pony name)

The perfect swap craft -- but we definitely needed real life size!!

So yes, I'm tired.
Mentally I feel depleted.  
Emotionally I know I will have to fill up my own tank; and soon.
Physically, my body needs a rest. 

But my face?  It's still smiling. 

The world throws a lot of challenges our way.    And this weekend was challenging in many ways.   But you know, you only got two choices about that:  you can let the world change your smile...

... or you can use your smile to change the world. 

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