My wee ZooZoo is home recovering from dental surgery today.

Can we talk about the overwhelming ordeal of holding your child's hand while they inhale the "laughing gas" and slowly go under.... and how incredibly NOT funny it is?'

My. Heart.
Yeah, no. 
Since she is feeling a wee bit low today, let's celebrate ZooZoo's spirit and smile today instead.

She's definitely chose her side in Captain America: Civil War.
TeamCap forever!!!

(I swear I had no influence at all.)

I love yogurt mommy!

 Bare Snack Necessities at The Jungle Book movie with AngelGirl.

 When you're  "not tired Mommy!"

Not tired at all. 

Watching her sleep peacefully allowed me to finally exhale all the worry and stress of the morning.   Random lines of prose kept coming to my mind, but I also just wanted to sit and watch her sleep, as I rubbed her arm beside me.  

But the verses wouldn't halt, and so prompted by the heartsong; I grabbed my journal and pen from my purse, and let my momma's heart bleed onto the page.

Neither poets, artists, nor super heroes;
Neither golden sunsets, nor great sweeping vistas
Of the world beyond this tiny space
Though my imagination casts its wings
And longs to soar among stars
More honored than I -
Nothing is wider, wilder,
More deeply rooted
Than the beautiful dream
That began with you.
Love’s unfolding dream
Came softly, sweetly
And nestled safely;
When the heart called
And mothers arms opened wide
To catch the brightest star. 

Sleep well beautiful dreamer.