Finally saw the first robin!!
We all know what that means, so it would be super awesome if you could get on board with that Mother Nature.  Maybe bring some red back to my thermometer.

Yes, a beautiful fat robin landed in my snowy backyard the other day.

No, that's not him.   Because there is grass in this picture, and I don't have grass yet.
Just bear with me.

I honestly tried to get a great current shot of a robin...

What the what?!

Good grief; where did my Photo Ninja ability go?
And something scared the bird away.

Oh, you.
*cat owners all over the world groan, sigh, laugh*

Seems I am not the only one who noticed the robin.
"Yeah, well I am not impressed by you either Cashew."

However, if you have a keen eye, you may have noticed something else.  I will restore my ninja like ability now with a close up: 

Ahhhh, look at my tree treeing!!! 
It remembered!!

So I think we have learned some morals from this little story.
Mother Nature overstays her welcome at the Winter Party.
Cats can be jerks.
But a robin will show you the Spring bush, even if you can't get the bird in your hands.  

I may have messed that last one up, but oh well -- Spring!