So like, Hang Ten Dude!

Oh my gosh, I wish!!
If that was my favourite hang out, I can assure you I would probably never be Here.
Unless it was to post awesome surfing photography.

Who wants to buy me an awesome underwater camera?
Also, a plane ticket to somewhere I can surf?   'Cause I still got snow.

Ahh, too busy hanging and chill?
Right, I get it. 

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

How's it Hanging?   
Tell us about one of your favourite hangouts.  

I will keep is short and simple today; because I know, I know - I'm a broken record hollering "Busy!"    But that's what happens when you volunteer and people depend on you. 
That's why it's called SERVE.    You do, for someone else. 
And I love my Sparks group and I am so excited about our camping theme meeting tonight.  Even if I do have 7 new glue gun burns.  I'll show you those crafts another post. 

We have an actual camping adventure in May, so there is lots of planning and meeting to do before then!   My favourite part of the planning, besides getting together with other volunteers, is where myself and my co-leader often meet to discuss/plan our Sparks events.

It's a little coffee and tea shop here in my home town called Bonnie Janes' Scones, and OMG they do make the best scones. 
Not that I can have any of them right now with my current fitness challenge. (I swear BB Coach, I didn't eat one!!) 

 I love the easy, peaceful decor.  See my table right there with the great view?!!

What I also like about this place, besides yummy don't touch this food, and an excellent Chai Latte,  is that it is a local business.  And it's sidewalk looks ever so pretty in summer time.   A season I vaguely remember. 
Side-eyeing you Mother Nature. 

There is also a book store and a gift store attached to the cafe, and you can walk through all three indoors.   All local businesses, and the gift shop features local artists, as well as a selection of Free Trade articles.  Awesome!!!

There are several shops on this street, and after a nice cuppa java and maybe even a treat of their amazing butter tarts, I can do some window shopping at my favourite local stores. 
The great thing about buying local, besides supporting your community, is that you often find unique gifts. 
Because how man people also have that fabulous blouse you just bought at the super shop store?   

To me it's a win win situation.  I get me coffee.  A local business continues to thrive.  Everyone is happy.  Yeah!

Still totally learning to surf some day though.
I bet there is a beautiful seaside cafe somewhere just waiting for me. 

Where do you find your chill?