Forgive me.
It's been many weeks since my last fangirling post.
I know exactly what I do.

It's just that there comes a time in life when you can no longer stand back and watch the world burn.
You must choose a side.

Yes, the movie Captain America Civil War opens in a week time -- don't pretend y'all didn't know this was coming.
Yes, my tickets are already purchased and my Captain America shield t-shirt washed and ready to represent.
No - I won't be going in full cosplay.    I do have a limit.   Honest.

Is choosing a side hard?  I mean, just look at these two precious dorks having a thumb war.
How could you not love them?

Even their Lego persona's are adorable.

 Full marks for Marvel PR/Marketing campaign. 

Charismatic actors and their brick persona's aside, the heart of the matter at the core of Civil War is an important issue that has very modern implications.    What is the price of Freedom, and how far are we willing to go to protect it?  Who will pay the ultimate cost to ensure it's remains safely intact for the rest of us?

Well if you have read the Civil War comic, you know that Tony Stark, aka IronMan, descends into complete basement levels of asshat douchery.   The film is not likely to paint in him in such a negative light; given the fact that the entire success of the Marvel movie franchise is largely due to Robert Downey Jr. being the fan favourite.  I mean just look at the cool red suit and all the fun gadgets Tony has!!  (um yeah, but he built a murder bot with those?) These movies simply would not be happening if not for the overwhelming smash success of the Iron Man one that came first.   I mean, Iron Man just looks so cool, amiright?

Whereas Captain Steven Rogers Grant, aka Captain America, is typically viewed as boring, vanilla hero dripping in all his patriotism and righteousness.   But thanks, in large part, to the extreme likeability (not to mention the smoking hot factor) of one Chris Evans perfectly portraying the very capable Captain; the tides of fandom loyalty have turned.

Marvel Civil War is about the Super Hero Registration Act:
a legislative bill which was passed into law, enforcing the mandatory registration of super-powered individuals with the government.  The destruction of several cities during battles waged between Earths' Mightiest Heroes and their foes; coupled with the emergence of the so called "mutant" powered; struck fear in the hearts of the people our heroes had pledged to protect.   Not to mention the governments of the world being afraid these super humans would/could turn all their powers against the established authority.   The Act would allow the powers that be to monitor all such individuals, who ultimately after much testing would be licensed to use their respective powers.  (Um, meaning none basically and also let's imprison or kill the most threatening ones.)

Thanks to September 11th, the United States of America now has the Patriot Act of 2001; which gives the President authority to use all tools necessary to thwart, intersect and obstruct Terrorism.   Yes, that does mean they have deemed it acceptable American citizens give up certain aspects of their freedom, in order to live in a secure, safe society.

Don't tell me comic books are not relevant -- fight me on this. 
We constantly live in a state of Freedom vs. Security these days.  It may not be an argument of who is right and who is wrong; it all depends on your personal point of view.

Captain America knows a thing or two about justice, truth and the American Way.  Except his is not simply an American tradition, but freedom for all.   He just hates bullies - no matter where they come from.  Cap thinks globally because he is from a different time where World War and murderous dictators that sought to cleanse the world of those who were different, were a Reality.    Captain America always acts selflessly, putting his life on the line for others time and time again.
Tony.... well, Tony Stark serves himself.  Mostly.   He may say he wants to protect the world, but due to his large ego, it will always swing back to his own interests.  Plus, there is that "my father loved you more" jealousy angle too.

Anyway, so that's a rough synopsis from my point of view as a comic reader.   The movie certainly will play out differently, as the friendship between Cap and his long time childhood friend (spoiler alert!!!)  James "Bucky" Barnes who was revealed in The Winter Soldier to in fact be alive.... and somewhat well.  Not really.   He's danger.   Unless, Cap can help him remember who he really is.  This seems to be the catalyst for the conflict between Tony and Steve in the movie version.

Still with me?
I don't want to give too much away about the Comic story line, and I can only speculate on the direction the movie will follow.   But those of you who have read the comic, you know a Big Hurt is coming.   I plan on taking a box of kleenex and my childhood teddy bear to the movie.

Regardless of whether you are a comic book or a super hero movie fan, I think this movie has great opportunity for some thoughtful discussion about the state of our modern world.   Both Tony and Steve are but players on a chess board, subject to the whim of organizations and powers above them.   Moved around like the tiny toy soldiers one played with when young.   Does anyone ever really win in War?

Which got me thinking of the words from an older song, and a great possible photo edit.
Yes, Art is coming.

Be patient - some times it's a long journey constructed of many layers to get to the heart of the matter.
(click to enlarge for full HQ effect)

Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers

Bit by bit
Torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers

~ Martika "Toy Soldiers"

These images were created from various stills from the Avengers/Captain America movies, and layered over one another.  Then added the lyric text.   This means that I played the movie on my laptop and made screencaps of the specific images I wanted. 
Do not question my commitment.

Also, if you would like to have a discussion about how rude Mr Chris Evans is with those biceps:  I am listening.

But the importance is not a matter of strength of arms, but the strength of one's heart.  Steve Rogers has no secret identity - the world knows that he is Captain America.  He has been their beacon of Hope for generations.   Even as the very country he was created in a proganda fueled war to represent, has slipped far in its values.    His heroic essence remains, not in those strong arms and unbreakable shield; but because his true self is not just a good soldier; but a Good Man.   Inside is still the sickly, skinny little boy who hates bullies, and fights not just for himself but for all the underdogs.   He just consistently does what is right.   And personally I love that Marvel did not turn him into a dark and twisted version of himself in order to make him more interesting.   Although, I suspect if you hurt his BFF Bucky; he will bring the hurt.

Steve Rogers is more than just a cluster of old time values, with a healthy dose of old fashioned righteous anger.   He's the selfless hero we all deserve AND he could be your very best friend.

'Till the end of the line. 
And that's why I represent #TeamCap.

Whose side are you on?

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