Enough, 2016!
Can you just stop already with the sads?

First Bowie, than Alan Rickman, Glenn Fry, and now Prince.
All legends of my generation.

All significant notes played upon my own journey through this life.
All part of the intricate tapestry of inspiration that is woven into my being. 
Plucked with a purpose. 

Harper Lee.  Jim Harrison.
Literary giants proving so very mortal; while we have the comfort that their words are not.
What mark shall I leave behind?   Will my words resonate through generations?

Where are you peaceful, easy feelings?

When all that is good and beautiful in this world, feels so fragile..
... why do we scream at each other?

Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing
It's time we all reach out for something new

How does one laugh, when all the world seems hung in shrouds?
Why do these deaths... this year... feel so much ... More?
It's not that they are celebrities.    That's too simplified.

I think it's that these are souls that were Artists.   True genius.
And it will always hurt to lose something so pure.   Though we are grateful and blessed that their Art lives on to be enjoyed.

We all should be lucky.   To be remembered as such.  To know we became one of the threads within the fabric of some one's soul.   Knit together among all the other threads that make one so uniquely  YOU.   That you were specifically chosen to be apart of what makes their soul sing.  Their spirit fly.

And that's the best way to honour your heroes.   Whether they be literary giants, legends of rock, super heroes... or your late grandma who sat quietly by her big picture window and simply watched the birds come to her feeder; long after her shaky hands could no longer hold the pen to sketch and form prose.

You keep on creating.
Maybe one day you'll be the thread in someones tapestry of life.
Maybe it's not perfect.  
Maybe you are not so great that you can guide someone through the Purple Rain, but in a world where Art moves free and pure...

.... you still get to play. 

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