I was up to my a$$ in Art this week people.
That was not a very artful way of putting it....
... apologies.

But seriously, anyone who has a daughter who has had a birthday sleepover party with several other screaming girls, come here... meet me in the center:

Joey is always me.

So, you know right?   A LOT of prep work before the big non-sleeping event.
Angel Girl was so excited because due to finally having her own room, she could finally have a sleepover party.  I was very excited because the more girls to entertain her hyper butt, the better.

But of course, being a wise mom, I also knew it would be good to have a few activities on hand, should all these screaming girls need a little focus; and mama a little quiet time.   To Angel Girl, it's indoor camping, so.... DING DING DING!

I totally know what to do!!!
*approaches glue gun with caution*

We need a campfire!

 A Styrofoam block, some brown felt, live greenery, birch logs, leaves, and some red crinkle paper with yellow cut flames.   Place some LED tea lights down in the bottom and presto fire!

These are all items I actually had on hand, so it was fairly easy to do.
No, now is not a good time to be a smart ass and inform me I have an actual fireplace in the house *side-eye Monkey Boy*  I cannot carry burning embers up into the bedroom!

Moving on to snacks and a memento craft to take home.

Campfires require s'mores!   But most of all; watch out for bedbugs before you crawl into your sleeping bag.  Although most of the girls wanted to cuddle these cuties.

Again, just items from my craft bin.  Yes, I have a craft bin.
Ever since starting Girl Guides, I have been in perpetual craft hell.   It is not my forte -- I have Pinterest (which I refuse to join) to thank for these ideas.   Just need some more felt, cotton balls for the marshmallow center, string, pom poms, and google eyes!

I realize this makes me dangerously close to being THAT mom, but I honestly hate doing Loot bags.   Can we outlaw the loot bag already?    So, the girls took these home instead of a bucket of candy.    We also made some Shopkins bookmarks for everyone earlier in the week.  I forgot to take a photo of those.  I put one treat and a glow stick bracelet inside a bag that carried these other items. 
See, not completely THAT mom.  

After a lovely pancake, bacon and fruit salad breakfast, Angel Girl was off to another friends birthday party at the local pool.... where, you guessed it: all the same very tired girls were also invited.   A very sorry to that poor mom.

Now, the positive side about the girls staying up past midnight:  I was sleeping out on the couch so Left Brain could get sleep as he was just off night shift, and since they were quite loud, I was still awake too.

So I had time to some to do some actual grown up Verse Art.

Feel free to use them for your inspiration; or share.

I also want to try transferring a photo onto wood, so I have been playing with different images to determine exactly what I would like.  I love the background image to my blog,  but with a bit of a twist, so I blended it with another photograph of that wispy grass.

I included the circle frame because I would like something different than the standard square or rectangle picture frame.  I am thinking of a grouping of several various size circles would be nice.

So just one option.
The nice thing about Art, much like young girls, is that it is ever growing and evolving, until one day it awakes to it's special beauty.

Saturday Art @ ImagesByCW