When Spring arrives, lots of good things come our way!
Like blue skies and sun flares so bright you want to reach up and touch the light.

Grab a branch, lift yourself up...way, way up and touch the golden sun.

Ahhh, yes You.
I knew I could count on you ZooZoo.

Feel the warm glow on your face.

"Nature's Peace will flow into you,
as Sunshine flows into trees."
~ John Muir

Happiness is sunshine, climbing trees.... and rainbow stripped wellies.

Trees are meant to be climbed.
There is no joy in living your whole life on the ground

Don't  be a grumpy cat...

"I saw the sun once... it was horrible."
Probably Cashew.

There's nothing quite like Nature's first green arriving.   Poking it's shy head up through the warming earth to get the first rays of Sun.
It's pure gold.

If you have trouble finding your One Good Thing today, maybe you just need to climb a little higher.
Stay Gold friends.

OneGoodThing @ Ink <br>Interrupted

 #OneGoodThing is the amazing idea of a weekly link up celebrating the beauty and good that we take the time to notice, hosted by Suzi from Boca Frau.   I will be joining her each week on Mondays.  (Claudia from ImagesbyCW is currently on a break.) I hope you will join us here each week, or daily on your Instagram/Twitter//Facebook with a photo, a poem, a story, an inspiring quote: whatever good you find in your day - we want to share it with you.