"Every day may not be good... but there is something good in every day."
 ~ Alice Morse Earl

We definitely had something good in these parts this week: Spring!!

(Those are not my current tulips - it's a bit early yet.)
You know when you feel that certain warmth upon the breeze, a scent in the air.... and you can't get into your garage to take out the garbage due to all the other garbage that you've thrown in there all Winter.

Sleds, shovels, snowboards, bags of salt and sand, and the discarded remains of your former bathroom floor.   All no longer (and thankfully!!) needed.

Did I clean it up?
Ha - you were expecting me to say, of course I did because I had already made the fake fire and sleepover crafts and done 3 Girl Guide meetings this week.
Because Spare Time!  ha.

But no, I say again.  The INSIDE of the house is my job.  Outside is definitely a Left Brain operation.  Aside from my gardens - - that's a line he knows not to cross.

However, it's a bit too early for gardening yet.  For now, I get to just bask in the warmer breezes and watch the kids paint the drive with chalk and  become familiar with their bikes again.

Nope. Not even pictures.
I was basking.  

Just Being. 

Part of me had that push that I should move from my lawn chair and get out and enjoy the day DOING something.   The girls were on bikes, the boy was off hiking with a friend.   And here I sat with my tea.
But I found a great little photo edit that perfectly summed up my feelings about that push and pull of life:

Sunday dawned even more beautiful and I couldn't resist a bit of Spring Cleaning outside ---- but I have a good reason to get moving in this case, because currently:

Sometimes you gotta do a little bit of work, so that you can get to the Being Still part.

And it was perfectly meant to be, as just after I finished, we had company drop by for a visit and a play date.   And then right after they left, my parents for our first Spring BBQ on the deck.

Good Day Sunshine!

#OneGoodThing is the amazing idea of a weekly link up celebrating the beauty and good that we take the time to notice, hosted by Suzi from Boca Frau.   Myself and Claudia from ImagesbyCW will be joining her each week on Mondays.   I hope you will join us here each week, or daily on your Instagram/Twitter//Facebook with a photo, a poem, a story, an inspiring quote: whatever good you find in your day - we want to share it with you. 

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