Recently the boy that lives here decided that he could no longer tolerate hearing the girls who lived here, and decided it was time he go seek a cave of his own.
Any male readers here can correct me if cave seeking is in fact not the first step in becoming a man.

He has 2 hairs on his upper lip.
Clearly, the time has come. 

Thankfully we have a basement bedroom, and thus he did not actually have to pack up his clothing, games and 3 billion Lego pieces.
Well, he did have to pack them up, but not like... Far.

Although "far" is a relative term in young tween man's mind.  Seven trips up the stairs, and not a single one involved foraging for food?!   Unacceptable.

Also, living closer to the Xbox, does not mean that you get to play said ignore the family for hours on end box.   But nice try.  Convenience and quantity are not interchangeable.
He just ignores us in his room like a normal boy man instead.

The real bonus he sought was the Queen size bed.  I suspect he is gearing up for all that sleeping he plans on doing when he is officially a teenager.   I bought him a cozy duvet cover for the spare duvet, and got all signs of my own girlish knick knacks that had been adorning any shelves.   Their places immediately occupied by Lego sets and mini figures.  Where else can Star Lord join Emmett and Owen and fandom worlds collide?   (For those of you not in the know:  actor Chris Pratt plays all those characters in the actual movies.)

Marvel and Star Wars posters now adorn the walls.
Super awesome son thanks!   No painting required. 

But, I do often still detect the sound of rustling Lego every now and then.
No matter how far you do go Son -- always remember your first loves.

Which brings us back to the noise... I mean, the girls.
Two rooms now available on the top floor.
No, there will be no coin toss for the new room.  You think this is a Democracy?  

That's cute.

Survey says:  Older one gets the new room and any fuss means mama gets those old phones back.   Good luck with your minecrafting then.

So Angel Girl gets a new room, a bit more age appropriate since the other one is bubble gum pink and flowers and fairy dust. 

But whoops!!   Our bathroom floor needs new tile as well and it seems the budget is a little short for painting a new room. Hey!  Remember when you originally fussed about leaving the pink room?   Good news!!

*childlike groaning echoes in the halls*

I promise to make it awesome honey. 

*Immediately speed dials Grandma*

Grandma arrives with sponges and feather dusters and a pint size can of purplish paint.
And we're good to go... ???  Really - we are?

Never question your mother sweetheart. 

Right, can we paint that...  like all over the house?

Long story short  - viola!!

(click to enlarge so you can see the progression from start to finish)

So basically, this is what happens when you have to paint a room, and you have less than half a can of bubble gum pink,  a 1/4 can of white, and a half a pint of purplish; and no budget. 

Phase One:  sponge on the pink paint over the existing blue  (do any wall repairs first!)
Phase Two:  grab a feather duster and lightly "dust" the purple randomly
Phase Three:  also with a feather duster lightly blend with the white.  You can also use another dry feather duster to "pull" the paint in some places to get that softer marble look.

You want to lightly put the paint on the tips of the feather duster, and very lightly touch it to the wall.

6 feather dusters and two sponges were harmed in the making of this room.
But I think it was worth it to achieve the effect.

The polka dots were so that the marble pink wall was not too overwhelming.   And to cover some bad spots on the walls that we fixed best we could.
But, if you knew Angel Girl, you'd also say it just perfectly suits her personality.

We actually cut coloured dots out on construction paper first, and taped them to the wall so we could see how "busy" was enough.   It took a bit extra time, but originally we had bigger and more dots, and decided it was too much.

Monkey Boy left her his Yoda alarm clock.   Like it she will.
Also the stars and planets light, which I keep having to go into her room at 3 am and turn off.  

All seem to be adjusting well, and quite honestly, as much as it rather hurt a bit to split the girls up - worrying that they would not play together as much anymore - it definitely helps tempers and patience in this house, now that everyone has a place to go for a little alone time.

ZooZoo cried and said she would miss her big sister sharing her room, and then was immediately all:

"I get the top bunk!"  

The next morning I woke up to find them both playing in the new room.  Angel Girl sprawled on the bed, ZooZoo taking the fuzzy pink carpet on the floor. 
And my mother heart rejoiced that I did not inadvertently squash their sisterhood.

Five minutes later, angry girl voices and door slams.
Situation all normal here.

So, long story short:  it seems we all came out on top.
If not any quieter.