It's been a long time since I participated in a music meme, and I find it somewhat surprising that music does not contribute as much to this blog, as it does in my daily life.

Sometimes my own words take over, even though I am sure if you traced their origins back, they would have been rooted in a song.   Lyrics are magical.   If I could put my words to song, I'd have a different path in life for sure.

Music sweeps away the daily dust of life you know.
There is always music in this house, and I love that.
There was music growing up.   There was music in the house.  In the car.   Yes, even in the barn.
Also, Irish Kitchen Parties.   Attend one.

Whether it is remembering an artist passed, or finding a new fave, or a Disney princess finding love; I don't care:  Just. Sing. 

Also, if someone could do that image above as a tattoo for me, that would be awesome!

Miss Andi created The Music & Words Award as a way to acknowledge and link people who love music.  Each Friday, she bestows 5 new awards to five different bloggers with the hope to showcase great music blogs of all genres globally. I do not know Miss Andi, I was nominated by my good blogger friend Cathy over at Curious As A Cathy, but you should definitely take a moment to go visit both of them -- after you're done here of course.

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 1.  What Does Music Mean To You: 

Oh wow, I could say so much here, but in a nutshell:  Music has power!   It's not just communication.  It's not just making us feel good... or sad.   The right lyric at the right time has the ability to transcend the musical moment into something far deeper.  Sure it's associated with "happy", but also I think music often helps us understand each other a little better.    Long before there were lyrics, music still moved people.   Far more than just breaking the silence, as an Art form it's capable of taking us out of an ordinary life moment, and connecting the very core of our beings.

One of my favourite classical pieces -- in fact, it played as I walked down the aisle instead of the more popular Pachelbel Canon.

2.   First Music Related Memory:

Oh god... forgive me.  I'm about to shame myself.

Okay, so there was the Hardy Boys of course when I was growing up, and How Could You not??!!  I mean come on.   They're so pretty I wanna cry.

But finding out that Shaun Cassidy, aka "Joe" could also sing, AND that he would be performing at the local CNE?!!!   I was THERE!
Yeah, I met him.   He gave me his drumstick.   And a fangirl was born.

3.  First Album Purchased

Not sure I can remember that far back.  I know I got Shaun's album as a birthday present.   Same with artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson and Duran Duran.   And there were all kinds of albums already in the house:  everything from ABBA, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, to REO Speedwagon, to Burton Cummings.

But I think the first one I actually purchased myself with my own hard earned babysitting money, was likely from what is still my all time favourite group:

The religious overtones to Bono's lyrics made it a bit more acceptable than some of the other current artists.  Certainly the political anthem "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is the more popular track, but I always loved this particular one.

4.  Latest Musical Purchase:

I purchase all my music, because the cops are already here y'all, and I don't want no trouble with the law.  Especially if I have to sleep beside him.   (I can totally take him - sssshhhh.)

I received a couple of iTunes gift cards for Christmas, and most of the purchases were music.   I really needed to update my library.   My iPod definitely suffers from multiple personality disorder:  you will find a little bit of everything on it!

Here are a couple that show the musical spectrum of my mind:

Uptown Funk -- Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

Topeka - Jon Gomm  (if you really LOVE acoustic guitar)

England - The National  (crazy beautiful song)

Turn Me On - Norah Jones (because reasons)

5.  Last Song Listened To

Besides the ones I had to look up to link in this post, all of which YES - I listened to in their entirety.   Da Do Run maybe twice, but I'm admitting nothing.

The last song I played from my iPhone while getting ready after my shower (yes, I play music in the bathroom.  That's totally normal, fight me on this.)

I just love this song.  It's so beautiful.  I play it A Lot.  As well as other music by this artist Aiden Hawken.

Sorry, no dirty pleasures here.   But if you had asked me when I was writing my post about Prince passing away, you might have got a naughty song or two.

And that's exactly what I love about music.  Whatever your mood - there's a song for that.
I will never be able to write songs or play 20 something musical instruments like a genius such as Prince.  I'll never be famous like Bono.

But in sharing their talent, they have connected us all.
I am forever grateful.

I am so late in doing this post/meme, that I won't tag anyone.  If you would like to participate, please feel free and DO link me so I can see your musical passions.