I realized today that I had promised you glowing jellyfish and shark smiles, and then didn't deliver!
I gave you maple syrup and taffy instead.
The utter horror!!  

 Well, I always try to live up to my promises, so better late than never:  here's some close ups of the glowing jellyfish at Ripley's Aquarium.  The tank was back lit with changing colours of pink, blue, purple and orange and it really made the jelly glow!

(click to enlarge any image)

My iPhone camera did not capture how truly awesome and amazing these are.  Watching them slow pulse glide through the water is almost a dreamy trance.   I found it mesmerizing and so peaceful.

And then the next tank and....... good feelings gone!

If you think this is too close.
You should see the view ZooZoo had inside the crawl tunnel!
Yes, that is my baby inside a tube... inside a tank full of sharks.

 And... again my baby face to face with lots of teeth.

 But my fave is still the smiling rays!

 Oh, Hi there!

So worth every cent!
And hopefully worth waiting for!  :)