My pardon, but Wednesday got away from me.

I don't have any Nature shots to share.
Not even an amusing Cat selfie.

And my day was anything but Wordless, thanks to this little energy nugget.

She is a character.

And yes, I see that cavity in her tooth.   That is why we were spending the day together because big sister also ratted you out ZooZoo:

"ZooZoo doesn't always brush her teeth. She just pretends and runs her brush under the water because Daddy only checks to see if the brush is wet."

Oh. Snap.

So after a dentist appointment that determined Yes - she will need dental surgery because it has gone right down to the root - it was off to the doctors office for a medical to ensure that she is healthy enough to have the surgery.  (She is.  We only fail in the teeth cleaning department apparently.)  Honestly tho, two older children with perfectly healthy children, and we let the baby fall through the cracks.

There we discovered that she also required another needle/booster due to a change in the Vaccination Schedule for our province.

ZooZoo at the Doctor like:

But guess what?  Mama also hasn't had a tetanus booster in over 10 years, so her prize for teeth cleansing failure is a needle in the arm too!

ZooZoo at mama like:

Ha!  Whatever kiddo, who was crying in the end!
That was harsh.   My bad.
But needles.
Also, petition to give adults who gets shots suckers too!

So since she was out of school already, we decided to make the day of it. 
Lunch and then her first haircut!

 Yes, please do take careful notice at the chocolate smudge in the corner of her mouth from the cookie she ate.    It was the only way she'd sit still and stop talking for 2 minutes.
YES - I am aware that said chocolate chip cookie bribe is likely related to aforementioned cavity issue.   
I challenge you to spend a day with ZooZoo Talks A Lot and can't sit still either.

Finally it was back home for some Xbox Marvel's Avengers time with daddy, and a workout for mommy.  A double workout because I am really trying to kill my cold this week.

Seriously, kiddo; who really had it rougher today?!

Oh yes, ALL the people who needed you to sit still today so that they could examine you with specialized and sometimes sharp instruments.

Suckers for all.

As if I would tease you with cat selfies and sucker promises and not deliver.