Apologies to everyone... I know I am late for posting the chat early.
I'm still in holiday mode.
And room re-arrangement mode.

I carried a dresser people, and now I'm all like...

Maybe if I keep working out so hard, I might actually be able to pull that Halloween costume off one year.
Not holding my breath.

I know I keep saying I am busy, but normally I have a couple of days per week that I purposely do not book anything so that I can catch up on blogging.  But those days have not happened due to March Break holidays, travel and then Easter right after.  Life will calm down soon.   There are always little pockets of time and space to find to pursue the things I love.

I had even started a photo edit for Claudia's Saturday Art because we keep having this weird Nature occurrence of snow mounds and tree buds.

And then I completely forgot that I had even done such a photo edit, and was all "oh, I have no photo edit to do the linky thing with Claudia!"   Duh.
Granted, with the egg hunt, then surprise visitors until dinner time, I don't know when I would have found the time to finish it and link up anyway.

Yes, a slower week is due.  Soon.

Time out for Mom

 March 28th, 2015

Happy Easter!   Tell me about the best chocolate ever.
Or, if you are the religious sort, 
share some special thoughts on this day. 

Well, you know that I cannot have the chocolate thanks to the latest workout challenge.  Between you and me though, Life is meant to be Lived AND Enjoyed, so I have had a couple.    But I will return to the cleaner diet tomorrow... mainly because those little Easter eggs are definitely NOT the good chocolate, and thus not very tempting.   If I am going to cheat on my diet -- bring me the good chocolate truffles!!

Instead, I will bring you some Easter Blessing thoughts.   Feel free to skip this part - as I've always said, I know we are not all of the same religious views here; and that's okay.   Our associate Pastor gave a really good Easter morning sermon and I thought it was brilliant and just.... IDK - a new way of looking at the Easter message.
And of course, it got me thinking, because it started with a basic question:

Do you know how God feels about You?

For God so loved the world....

Even those of us not church goers or believers have probably heard the start of that verse.
God loves us.   Yep, heard it a million times.

I wonder though: do we all GET that?
Simply because I think the World measures Love on a very different scale than God.
So while many of us have HEARD that phrase probably hundreds of time, I can't help but wonder:  Do you FEEL it?

I wonder how often, myself included, I can't hear that Love because my ears are tuned to different things.   My eyes are looking for clues that aren't really any kind of proof at all, but rather just distractions.  My heart is moved by many things I see daily, but cute puppies that don't know how to get their beds back from the cat, while very enjoyable, aren't really that deep stirring I think my heart is seeking.

Where is He?   Why can't we hear Him?
Well, I think He tells us every day just how very fond of us He truly is.

In the summer wind that brings the warmth and the seeds to flourish and gives us a bountiful land.   The cry of a new born baby.  In the song of the morning bird who greets the new day.   Even in the peal of thunder as the skies are raging... all creation testifies that He gave us a great gift in this Earth.

People who love you, give good gifts.

No, God can't send you flowers like a lover might.
He just gave us entire fields of wildflowers.   The fragility and strength of the will of life demonstrated in a bloom that beats the odds and dares to grow in the most unlikely of places.

 How much more would He help those He loves, when struggles visit them?

God cannot tuck you in at night with a story, a lullaby and a kiss upon your brow.   But each night the moon rises to it's evening perch and the stars shine.  Within that is also the promise of a new day coming.  The sun rises each day.   Hope also rises.

If you tune your ear to the beauty and wonder of this world, you would hear love bursting from every corner.   Beauty all around -- just for you.   Perhaps then you might know that you were a person very special to someone.  That they created all this Awe; just for you.

We all have probably also heard about a Love so big, so unimaginable; that it stretched out it's arms and died.  So that we could be free in this wonderful world.   But before that Death, there was Love.   A love that created each one of us so unique.  Special.   Flawed.   Absolutely lovable.    Death may have taken the physical presence that we could see, touch, stretch out a hand and feel a garment.  That proof of life that would make it so much easier to believe.   Death took that away -- but not forever!!
He is Risen.

*Important religious scholarly note:  in terms of Biblical truths, Jesus could not die because He was without sin. Death entered humanity via Sin in the Garden.   If you read the bible, you will see that there were many times that He defeated death:  at birth when Herod killed the young boys, angry mobs that wanted to stone Him, stormy seas, and Satan himself in the dessert for 40 days.  What this means is that Jesus could only die if He allowed it to happen. Willingly.  He had that authority over death -- which is why the cross is so important.  He died a man's death.  He was mocked "You saved others, save yourself!"  Because they knew that He could.  They just didn't understand God's plan.  But, he also had authority over Life, meaning He could take up his Life again if he willed it.   Thus, the Resurrection.**

Another Easter cry you are probably familiar with.   Why is that important?
Simply put:  it's not the end to this love story.
It's the coming home.  The returning to our first love.   Meaning:  He Who Loved Us First.  Before all others.   That no matter what you've done, or how far you've roamed; it doesn't condemn, but just Loves.

Whether you believe it or not.  No matter how good, or how bad a person you are.
I think it's rather amazing that there is someone who loves you enough - not only to die for you; but that calls you it's own and waits.

As our Pastor said:  It seems to me, that God Is Especially Fond of You. 

I hope that every heart has the chance to hear.
Because it's a pretty amazing love.

It's too bad that some churches forget that message, and instead stand in judgment of others.   So if you have faced that kind of treatment, or even more hostile hate, let me assure you that their message did not come from a God who not only loves you enough to give His Son.... but that He just really thinks you're something amazing.  I assure you, He adores YOU above all other creations.   He chooses You above all else.

Next Week:  Sticks and Stones:  What words make you feel the worst about yourself?
What words make you feel the best?