Have you ever coughed so hard you scared the cat?
No, that's not actually one of today's questions.... but still??

I almost scared myself too, but that might be because I was also watching The Walking Dead.  Which is enough to make you jumpy in the first place. Let alone almost expelling a lung right at the very moment Daryl is about to....

 Ahhhh, no spoilers here!   Sorry, you'll have to watch it yourself.

My cold is feeling better today.  I think I was just holding my breath due to the all the action unfolding on my TV screen, and my poor already strained lungs were like "oh no you didn't just deny us more oxygen!"

Tickle that right lung, that will smarten her up!

It didn't though.
Because.. THIS SHOW.
Oh my gosh!  I'm on the edge of my seat and I don't know if my heart can take the suspense,   I know bad, bad things are coming.  I know someone is going to pay the price.   But... who?

I am not one of these If Daryl Dies We Riot people....but just please: don't kill Daryl!!
I feel like there is more they can do with that character, and it would be a shame for him to go just yet.  Realistically speaking, he is the one best equipped to survive this kind of world.
So.Not. Yet.

Or Glenn.
Also Maggie.
Carol would really suck too.

I apologize to all you non Dead fans, it's just so hard!!
Have you ever had to make a really hard choice?! 

Well, let's hope these Have You Ever Questions are much easier.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Have you Ever?  
A series of questions to answer.  
Let's see who gets the most.  

Here's how to play.
I provide the questions.
You provide the answers.   You can either do a post of your own and join the linky, or tell me in the comments which ones fit you.
If you like, you can also add some questions of your own to your linked post, for your readers to answer.

Don't worry - nothing too embarrassing here!

1.   Got lost in an amusement park?

2.   Shared a meal with your pet.    Drive thru acceptable.

3.   Scuba dived in the ocean.

4.  Saved someone who was in danger.    

5.   Sang karaoke.  (before alcohol, 2 bonus points)

6.   Seen a pyramid.  (1 point for each step climbed)

7.    Went camping in a tent.

8.   Won a contest for a big prize.  (no, toys in Happy Meals don't count)

9.   Eaten a strange food.   Broccoli is not a strange food.

10.   Pulled a prank you were later sorry about.

11.  Went on an African Safari.

12.   Met a celebrity (TV, Movie, Music, Sports, Arts)

13.  Been on TV or the radio.

14.   Been in a fight.   

15.   Fallen asleep while talking on the phone.

How many did you answer affirmative?
I can tell you that my score is 11/15.    But I won't tell you which ones I said "no."

Whoever can guess my four nays gets to be on my zombie apocalypse team.
We don't have cookies, but there will be coffee.

I'll just be over here, trying to wait patiently for next Sunday.

Next Week:  NO CHAT.   It's the March Break and we will be on Holidays!  I can't wait to tell you all about where we are going.  Stay Tuned.