I get Facebook comments.
Some I like.
Some.... meh, I can do without.
I know our host can relate about comments.  
This whole social media interaction can be a tricky thing.

But hey, that's our right.... Right?
Someone posts a thought publicly, and you get to post your commentary on that thought.  Publicly.  Is that not discourse?    Mmmmmm, I question the effectiveness of such "discourse".   Not always; just sometimes.
But, we all have opinions.  We are entitled to those opinions; absolutely.

I don't know about you; but I never actually assume that just because someone shared a thought, or an article on a public site; that's it's also an open invitation to leave a comment.   To those that do assume this, may I respectively request you check and make sure it's not your Ego that feels the need to respond?  

May I also suggest a little rule for those of you who feel the need to SHARE those opinions.
Without filter.

Be. A. Beacon.

By that I mean, a LIGHT.
As in .. that pierces the darkness.
Darkness Bad!   Light Good! 

Light dispels the darkness and reveals the way.   Reveal is NOT hitting you over the head with a hefty flashlight so that you are momentarily stunned.   It should bring back the warm feel goods and some gratitude; not require an ice pack to your head.

Sure a beacon can also be a warning of danger, so if you must be that kind of light, make sure you shine with the softness of love.  Don't blind someone with your contempt, bitterness, judgement, or hate.
Don't do that.   It will likely only lead to more exchanged words; and the darkness pushes back in. 

What I am saying is: if you cannot resist the urge to stamp anothers' thought or idea with your opinion; don't be a FaceBitch.   A good rule of thumb to consider is, since I am a grown ass adult who not only has a mother already - but IS a mother; perhaps I don't need your reprimand?  Your "gentle" pointing of me in the direction you think I should go?

Bitch, please.  Eyes on your own path.
Otherwise:  Careful how you go there!   You might stumble too!!

But don't worry, I won't be there to comment on it.
Because I'm not bitchy on Facebook.
I'm all for the intelligent and respectful exchange of ideas on public forums.   We should engage each other in conversation that pushes our thoughts and beliefs to careful consideration.   That is good.
However, that requires a degree of open-mindedness that not all are capable of demonstrating.

In view of that, I will share a little secret with you all.  


There, I said it.  The truth is out.
At almost 45 years of age, I am just getting to know myself, and I still make mistakes.
How on earth can I possibly know everything about YOU and your journey?  Let alone be in the position to make any kind of informed opinion on your life and where it should go, or how it should be lived?  That's for you to figure out.  Good luck!  I'll be here if you ever need anything.

I'm not afraid or ashamed to say it publicly either.   My Facebook status today:

 Leslie Botchar Status ·

You know, some days I Just Don't Know. I think it's okay to admit that, right? I don't know everything about the World, though my curiosity knows no bounds and I am grateful to both the thirst for knowledge, and the freedom to pursue it. I don't know everything about God or Religion or Spirituality. I am happy to learn at the feet of others who have explored these great topics. I am endlessly amazed at this great power of intellect that has been given to us, so that we may explore and expand our experiences. Stretch our understanding of the world around us, and of that beyond us. But I also rather like not knowing all the Great Mysteries that are beyond my own understanding. I think not knowing is good and healthy at times. I think accepting that others different from myself may have obtained a few insights of inspiration or Truth to lift my own, is okay. I think our acceptance of not actually knowing All The Things, might actually draw us closer -- than all the times we argue, comment and focus on the things we disagree upon. Perhaps then we'd be more respectful of the journey each of us is on; leaving room for more Grace. Curiosity, Humility, Humanity and a whole lot of Grace to guide the steps in between. When I'm wrong, there would be Grace. When I am lost, there it also can be found. And especially... when I just don't know. But don't worry about me - Faith holds Grace hand on this journey too. I am never alone, and I know in Whom my Hope resides. Sure I got eyes that look to the left and to the right, but they never forget the way home. It's easy to find because that's where LOVE resides. It's the one voice that never ceases calling my name. The one I still hear above all others. The beacon that never goes dim. And that is why I can say without fear or loss of worth -- I don't know -- resting sure in the relief that comes from knowing that if or when I fall, it will be in that soft place where Love whispers your name and says "you're enough, and I got you." It has not a pointing finger of shame, but a guiding hand that holds and gives you the strength to begin once again. Even if thousand times over: it simply Loves.
I honestly considered just closing out my Facebook.  I've only been there frequently of late because of a private group I belong to for my Fitness Challenge.  It's the only way to communicate with others that live away from me.   Otherwise, I think I could quite easily live without Facebook.

But then I remembered this space, and the many of YOU.   All the lovely, intelligent, insightful, witty, and loving comments over the years.  Not a bitch in the bunch.

We have SHARED in this space.
And I freaking love that about all of you.
Your beacon contributes.   It does not condemn.
And you're all Awesome because of that. 

From the bottom of my heart:  THANK YOU!
For being here, and for allowing HERE to remain the safe place where I can stretch and grow and hopefully live up to my own creed. 

I hope the beacon shines true, soft and surrounds you with Love most of all.

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