Despite my strict fitness and health routine over the past 21 days  (YES!! I have reached the very last day!!!),  a nasty little cold bug has somehow found it's way through my defenses and settled in for the last few days.

Which means, I have not done my required workouts; although I did do yoga each day.   And the diet has rather gone to hell too.   Not in the sense that I am pigging out on that still waiting for me Valentines chocolate; but rather that I didn't eat much at all at first, and then over dosed on toast and tea.

But check out the loose tea and strainer I found in a local tea shop.
And the pretty china I drink from.   Can you blame me?

I'm not freaking out though, or feeling a failure.
It's just a few days, and I plan on continuing this routine another week, and then I will have on week off before I start ANOTHER challenge that last 8 weeks.

I'm crazy; I know this.
But see?  I am surrounded by Germs!!   The kids.  My Sparks group.  The shelter I volunteer at.
I'm living the real Walking Dead people!!  Germs lurking around every corner.   Chasing me while I do my burpees.

Also, I spied a very cool pair of jeans in a trendy boutique and imma gonna fit in those suckers if I have to do burpees 3 times a day.  (You know I am not doing that, but still.)

The truth is, I am not as sick as I have been in the past when a virus strikes.  I feel much stronger, and after 2 days spent taking it easy I already feel tons better.
Last time I got a cold, it stuck around over a month.

Even though it is tempting to lounge awhile longer with my cuddly buddy.

Don't mind the all seeing Eye in the selfie.   But look how cute Cashew is all curled up behind my pillows.  He stays so long while I read or watch a movie, that I forget about him and lean back, only to hear this little cat "oomph-oeow!"

Then he gives me this look like  How Dare I Disturb His Slumber!

You may have also noticed the wee bit of colourful fabric sticking out behind him too.   That's the new headboard Left Brain and I made all by our little selves.   It's been awesome!!
Particularly because our bedroom wall is an outside wall and if you put your hand on it on very cold winter nights: it's is Freezing!!!   So freezing cold that it was seeping into our pillows and causing them to feel damp.
Well, no more!

Here's the How To:

Measure the size of headboard you want in relation to your bed size, wall space, and basically how big you want it.  I wanted a fairly big headboard so that it would almost be like Art on the wall above our bed.

Buy the wood and cut yourself; or have the store do it for you.   We did it ourselves because Left Brain likes his tools.   *grunt, grunt*

Measure and buy the fabric.  Measure again. And Again.
The point is, you really want to make sure you have enough fabric to cover your headboard.
Same with any type of cotton backing or stuffing you like.  I didn't go very "puffy" because we have enough pillows on the bed.

Buy French cleats for mounting the headboard to the wall.

When you have your wood cut, and the fabric measured and cut; you're ready to assemble!

I choose to use some fabric glue spray and the stapler gun.
Only Left Brain would not left me use the stapler gun because girls and tools.
Honestly, you hot glue your own fingers together a few times, and you're branded for life.

The most important thing is to make sure you lay your fabric on the wood with enough left around the edges so that you can pull it tight to secure.
First do any cotton and/or stuffing.  Use the spray adhesive because you do not want your stuffing to come loose at some point, and bunch up under your cover fabric.

Then the fabric you choose pulled tight over top and around the edges.
As the picture tells, I don't care what the back looks like; no one will see it.

 *I only glued the cotton in the place, and did not spray adhesive the fabric to the cotton.*

With Left Brain's muscles and expert stapling; that pretty fabric is going No Where.

Once all is secure, mount your French Cleats.
Then all you have to do is slide the finished headboard into it's locked position!
It will be very secure with this kind of hardware.


I love it!!
Yes, I have a stuffed Daryl Dixon and a Captain America on my nightstand.
Really, you're surprised?   You must be new here.  :)

I feel like it is not quite finished.  Maybe it needs some ribbon or buttons; some little design feature to finish it.  However, I am going to wait another week before I decided just what to add.

And I was thinking a nice quote on the wall above it; but I have not decided yet. 

So there you go:   hot tea, cuddly buddies both of the fur and super kind, and a cozy bed.
No wonder I am getting back to Feeling Good so fast!!

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