So, if you are vacationing with children...

... is it really a Vacation?
The parenting duties and demands don't actually stop because you have changed location.

But you know what they say about location, location, location!!
It can be a pretty good vacation, if you have enough room for everyone!!

Special mention goes to Residence Inn Toronto by Marriott for this fantastic suite!
2 bedrooms - check.
2 bathrooms - check.
full kitchen - check.
sofa bed - check
3 TVs - consider me moved in.

Our 2 girls shared a bedroom with queen size bed, en-suite bathroom and their own TV, which allowed them space to play and do whatever noisy things they do.... and the rest of us a break from the noise.  It also allowed us older sorts to stay up later and not disturb their earlier rest.

Well, that was the theory anyway.
The boy was happy with his couch bed and own TV ... and being so close to the fridge.
Meanwhile, hubby and I had our own bedroom WAY down the hallway, with King bed, bathroom and yet another TV.

I know it seems weird to be so separated on a "family" vacation, but trust me, during March Break you spend about 5 billion hours together waiting in line for EVERYTHING.   Then another 3-4 hours at the event so you can get your moneys' worth. So yeah, we got together time.

This was perfect for our family five.    It's expensive.  Massive moola.
However, due to that handy kitchen, we made all our own meals and saved money on dining out.

Which left more money (not really) for activities!!
Since our hotel was located smack in the middle of downtown Toronto, we were within easy walking distance to all the attractions we wanted to see.
Even with a tired 6 year old on your shoulders.

CN Tower/Skydome
Ripley's Aquarium
Hockey Hall of Fame
Rogers Centre (hockey)
Grocery stores
LCBO  (that's the booze store for you non Canadians - because hotel beers are too expensive!)

Enough talk - I'm still tired.
You know there be pictures!

Going Up?  CN Tower

Moose Sighting!! Eh?

Yes, that is a glass floor in the CN Tower

342 m/1122 ft above the ground!!

Skydome - home of the Blue Jays baseball team

Foggy Day at the Top

Spot the Plane

1000 feet above our next destination:  Ripley's Aquarium

As you can see, it was a foggy day when we were on top of the world, but we risked it anyway since we only had 2 days in the city.    It was an OBSCENE amount of money for the five of us to go to the lowest level lookout:  almost $200!!!!    And it's only good for one trip.
Not cool Toronto.  Not cool.
To go up to the Skypod would have been an extra $12.  Each.

Can you say tourist trap?  Yeah, unless you really want that high in the sky feeling, I'd say save your money for a nice dinner and a show.

Speaking of show...
best value for your buck is without a doubt Ripley's Aquarium.
So. Much. Awe.

And I found an awesome new App (sorry Android users, only on i-stuff currently), that can tell the story:

Click here to see the Ripley's Story

Have you tried Steller yet?
I have grown rather bored with Instagram because you can only post one picture at a time.   I am also the type that if you bomb my feed with over 20 pics in 20 minutes, I will probably unfollow you.   That's a blog post dude.
 I love this option of being able to tell a whole story; with images, texts and videos.    Instagram is great for just one moment; but Steller really shows off a photographers AND writers best sides.

I am sure there will be more under the sea photos on Wednesday, so come back to see some glowing jelly fish and shark smiles.

All in all; a vacation that was over-flowing with good things.

And one stow away!

If you have never fed a baby stingray, or felt it's soft skin (?), you are missing out!
Baby Rey is now resting comfortably in the company of other loved stuffies Captain America and Daryl Dixon.

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