Remember me?

It feels like forever since I have been in a blogging state of mind.
With March Break and then this Easter holiday weekend, I've had little more time than to just empty the junk out of my email folder.

None of you are junk!!!
Just so you know.   All. Good. Things.
All. In. Good. Time.

You're my Peeps!  :)

One day a holiday might mean I actually get to sit down and rest.
And if you think I only took that single bite; please don't tell my workout coach. 

From community church egg hunts, to afternoon visits, to sleeping children who are not actually sleeping so that the Easter Bunny is delayed till after midnight, then the bright, early Easter morning wake up calls, and the hunt is on again, 

... and top it all off with some warm from the oven cinnamon buns, bacon and hot coffee and talk of Spring and maybe even a second cup  .... and uh oh; you're late for church!

Get on your Sunday Best!!

You made it!
The good news is after all the struggle:  Sunday is Here!
But He, is not!

Awww, yes.  This. 

If you have never seen the JesusPainter, do yourself a favour and check it out.

Now get back home and clean the house for Easter dinner!

Maybe you should have read the instruction manual before you set the self cleaning oven to clean.  That ham is pre-cooked, right? 

Also, how much room freshener do you think it takes to get the smell of a thousand burnt food crisps out of your house?

But, open the windows wide because Spring may just be on the way.  And if you're very lucky one of those stray coloured bubbles from the yard may blow in the window reminding you just how fragile it all is.  It can burst in a minute.  

You can  make wishes; but Life has a way of unfolding as it chooses.  So just hold the moments close.  Linger if you can.  Forgive if you cannot. 
You're a busy mom.   The holidays are a beautiful chaos blend of never ending work.... and never ending Love.

Good things scattered and hidden along the way.
You just have to remember to bring your basket, and scoop them all up.

And if you lose sight of the joy and beauty along the busy way; I find it helps to put some right on your table.
Sometimes I get a little help from Left Brain.

Easter Blessings to you all!

OneGoodThing @ Ink <br>Interrupted

"Every day may not be good... but there is something good in every day." 
~ Alice Morse Earle

That's the inspiration behind the #OneGoodThing weekly link up that the lovely Boca Frau created; and invited Claudia and myself to help spread all the Goodness.