Well, if that title doesn't lead to some interesting search results; I haven't been blogging long enough.

Honestly tho: these squirrels!
They did not care one bit about Left Brain and I trapezing through their woodland smorgasbord of nuts.
Again, hello pervert searchers!!

I swear I could actually hear them saying:  "Just look at all these nuts! LOOK AT THEM!"  *nom nom nom*

On the serious side, it's a great thing locals do by handing up these bird feeders in our nature reserve.    You may have to look real close to find the actual birds, since I grabbed Left Brain's cell phone to capture these shots.

I was there for an intense hike in the snow -- not to play photographer.
But, well.... if you are a photographer; then you'll understand that it was too beautiful a day, and too cute a scene to simply pass by.

Also, it's a snow day here, so all the kids are here.
Also, two other families will be joining us because people are under the impression I like spontaneous parties.

So yeah, nuts all around.

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