I love a good quote.
I know some feel it is the equivalent of intellectual laziness.  Letting someone else do all the deep thinking for you.
But I think if someone else had the brilliance and presence of mind to not only think some inspiring truth, but also the courage to share it?

Imma gonna soak that up, and then pass it on.
Why would you NOT want to share wisdom?   Do you not like Joy?

Thankfully, I got good bloggy friends who feel the same as I.

I have been nominated by one of my favourite bloggers and wisdom sharers, McGuffy Ann of McGuffy's Reader, to participate in the "Three Day Quote Challenge". The rules of the challenge are simple. They are as follows:

1. Post for three consecutive days.
2. Choose and share one or three quotes each day.
3. Challenge three additional bloggers each day.

 This is Day One and I wanted to start off with a quote that had deep meaning for me; but I'm also tired and hungry and right now my brain is rather stuck on fast food slogans.
I deserve a break today!!

I digress. 

The hardest part is wondering if I have shared a quote previously.  Especially since aforementioned exhaustion and hunger means I'm too lazy to do a search of my own blog. 

No matter; that is the awesome thing about a good quote:  It never loses it's power. 
If you are frequent visitor here, you might know that I have a thing for trees, thus my first quote is from one of my favourite readings:  Trees, by Herman Hesse. (click to hear a YouTube reading)

I cannot even explain why this resonates within me.  It just does.
It's one of those things I just accept, and try not to question.   Perhaps much like a tree. 

I mean, they are glorious!

I know the challenge says to name 3 bloggers to challenge each day, but I got a box of chocolates here that I am not supposed to eat, and honestly that's just too many rules.   
So, I am going to post the quotes for the 3 consecutive days; and on the 3rd day, I will nominate 3 bloggers.  

If you are a rule breaker too and want to participate; go ahead! 
Make sure you let me know so I can drop by and be inspired. 
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