Do you have a cat that helps you make the bed?
I have a cat that helps me make the bed.

Then I crawl into bed only to find his shed fur all over my pillow.  Nothing like a mouth full of cat hair before you drift off to dreamland.  But, it got me thinking about shedding.

I know, not the best segue but work with me because my uterus is angry at me and since that is also a kind of shedding, it's the best I can manage right now.

I feel like I might be losing control of this post.

While I cannot find any good reason why cat has to shed all over my house, other than to keep my vacuum in good working order, or annoy the allergy sufferers who visit me;  I do know why my body sheds each month.

I am so sorry.  But stay with me!

Women are far more in tune with our bodies and our surroundings.  There is power in that!   We feel the changes inside us, even as we focus our energy outward into daily life.  Our blood is a Life Force, and that is to be honoured.   Yes, I know, it can also be a total raging ##@#!  for about 5 days each month too.   But why might that be?

Perhaps when the time comes for our body to shed what it has carefully and magically been preparing during our cycle (Life!);  our modern society demands that we still focus all our energy on the daily tasks of Life.  Life is still our focus; but not the Inner Self that we should be tuned towards.  Instead of being heightened to the messages and signals of our bodies; we are heightened to the pain and wild mood swings, as we double over while still trying to reach that OTC extra strength magic pill we have dutifully placed high out of the reach of little ones.

We have an arsenal of apologies and excuses and jokes to fling at those who comment on our monthly visit from Aunt Flo, as they flee from our over stretched emotional displays.   Instead of respect for our ability to bleed and not die: we become a punchline.

Or, we are a symbol of something that has become more taboo than natural, and not discussed at all.   Shame and embarrassment take the place of reverence and respect.   We hide away and suffer alone.  Thus, becoming completely disconnected from our natural cycle.  We hate this monthly "Thing" that has overtaken our energy and revealed our ugly, resting bitch face to the world.  Instead of honouring that ancient cycle of preparation, shedding, and renewing that was once believed so powerful and insightful that women would gather together; bonding over their shared "magic."   Important decisions were made, insights revealed.

No, they were not sent to caves because they were dirty.  Or because they were feared as evil during this time.  Read your history.

That's a modern twist.

So we ignore our natural rhythm and curse our bodies for this monthly affliction.  When in truth, our monthly process is So In Tune with the Natural world around us, and thus our own internal spiritual energy.   Do you ever feel more creative?  More intuitive at that time of the month?   When I stop trying to work against my body's natural process; I know I do.   It's like a well has opened up that I kept a locked door across all the other days.

It is that Fountain of Life within me!!

Now, I know all too well that of course discomfort and outright pain so bad you'd punch someone else in the gut just to feel better also arrives.  Not to mention the migraines.   It's very hard these days to "have a nice period" as that commercial suggests.

I need to learn to recognize the WHOLE process:  cleansing, renewal, preparation, life sustaining. Blood is Life.  Your entire identity is literally contained in one single drop of blood.

Honestly, I am shocked if you are still with me.
I went from cute cats snuggled under sheets.... to dripping blood.
But seriously ladies:  We Have a Super Power!

We are the Phoenix!   Born of our own ashes each month.
We shed our symbolic skin and are reborn.  It's a healthy process; not a shameful one.

So...... (yes, my points need to come sooner - I'll work on it) I think it is only natural, at this time of year when humanity considers Fresh Starts and Renewed Promises, that we absolutely take the time to reconnect with our Inner Workings.  Reclaim a wisdom that has been lost; or stolen.  Now is the time to release any negativity and step out into new spaces!

What will we cast off?
What will we reclaim?
How will we set our intentions as we continue onward in this New Year?

Your natural cycle is not an unwelcome intrusion.  A liability.  You simply exist in a world that runs counter and is ever at odds with what your body knows it must do.  A world that has little respect, and less understanding as it tells you to "carry on."    And the disconnect grows.
You must ask yourself who is best served by those notions?

I typically medicate myself enough to probably put a baby elephant out cold for 3 days.
And I certainly don't mean to trivialize some very real issues that is many women's reality each month.  Please, speak with your physician, as many things are actually not normal and you do absolutely deserve to have your voice in this matter.  Demand answers and the help your body may require.  You do not have to suffer because it's your due.

From now on, I am going to reclaim ownership of my feminine inner workings.  Acknowledge the spiritual connection.  The ancient wisdom that resides within.  Oh, that doesn't mean I won't pop an extra strength Tylenol should I need one.   But I am also going to take the time I need and do some yoga and mediation.  Listen to my body.   Reconnect.

This "curse" I live with changed me from a girl, to young maiden, to a young woman, to finally a mother, and from that hopefully a wise elder of my circle one day.  I'm shedding the shame and the humiliation, and claiming the Respect.

That is my mantra this new year.  I realize I have arrived at this conclusion in a rather round about unconventional manner.   Or did I?  Perhaps I just followed a natural progression long forgotten.
Finding the One Good Thing in every day.   Every thing.
And you know what?   The more one good things I find.... the more seem to just be lying around the corner; waiting for discovery.

This tree that stands majestically at the top of our local sledding hill, is definitely One Good Thing about standing out in the cold and wind for 2 hours.  I love the way the setting sun rested upon it's wooden limbs.  It is so old and gnarly, and often it can be seen with both snow, birds, AND children draping it's bare branches.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Month - time to shed the old and make a fresh start.  
Let's start with One Good Thing.  

Time out for Mom

What One Good Thing have you found today?
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