This is going to be the fastest post ever written.
Although, it almost was not.

You see I went to the store to get the supplies for our Sparks Valentines Party tonight, and imagine my surprise that the aisle was filled with colourful candies indeed.
But not of the hearts and cupid variety.


Now don't get me wrong, that's GOOD candy, and imma eat that sh*t.
Just in another month or so.

Gosh, I am rushed enough Dear Consumerism!  

Right now, I needed this:

That is the Love Chex Mix I will be bringing to the party.
Because.. there is No Time to Bake people!!

All you need is the following mixed together in a big bowl, and big serving spoon to scoop it out.  Because hands are nasty people.  Don't do that.

Chex cereal mix
yogurt covered raisins  (the strawberry cherry is best if you can find)
Cocoa Teddy Grahams or Goldfish
one large bag of M&Ms  (Valentines, which as we know, MY store did not have)
Conversation hearts
White Chocolate covered pretzels (which I will be adding later because they can melt)

So. Easy.
So. Good.

Now, the reason I am so pressed for time today that this post will probably be coming to you later this Monday night.
The Conversation Heart BINGO Game.
It seemed so much fun!!!    But it was not fun to put together.

Here's what you will need:

the special BINGO cards

The special cinnamon heart markers

The BINGO call markers (conversation hearts)

How To Play:

From your big bucket of hearts write the phrases onto the Bingo cards.  Each time you print a candy phrase, write the corresponding letter on the back with a Sharpie pen.  Then place that candy in a new bucket -- this will be your "Draw" bucket.   You will need one heart per saying per letter.
Example:  If you use Only You under the B and under the G: you will need two Only You candies in your draw bucket:  one with a B on the back, and the other with a G.

Make more cards by switching the sayings around under each letter.
Make enough cards for each player.

 You will need to designate a caller to pick the conversation hearts out of the bag and call out the sayings with the letter. Each player gets a card and a handful of cinnamon hearts. As the caller calls out the spots on the card, a player covers the spot with a cinnamon heart.

When a player gets 5 in a row,(up, down or across), they yell BINGO. The first person to yell Bingo! wins a prize.

You know that no two cards can be the same, right?

Yeah, that's the not fun part of making 12 Bingo Cards.
Hopefully my Sparks and their parents will enjoy this game, because I will bust a blood vessel if someone doesn't play it --- after the 3 hours it took to make.

SOMEONE is playing this Bingo game with me if I have to wander the streets looking for willing players.

That's just how much love I got, y'all.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

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