Yep, that's the exciting start to this post.
It's been a busy weekend full of so much work I though I'd collapse, and so much goodness I thought.... well, that I would collapse.
From Happy Thoughts.

Can life be two extremes?
Yes; yes it can.

I was stressed.  And frustrated.
I was even angry at times.
I was scrambling chicken with no head.
There was so much to do.
And then, there were the giggles of 26 little Girl Guides all snuggled in their sleeping bags shining their flashlights on the walls and ceilings of an old church building (yes, the aforementioned Bat Cave, again) and singing campfire songs.

And no bats flew.
But Joy did.

There was a pinata.    Candy is always a good thing.
There were songs and games and crying in the night, but brave little girls wanted to see it through.
And I beamed with pride at their resolve.

However, it was busy!!  My hands and feet never seemed to stop and OMG all the crafts.   I was in glue gun and beading hell people.  I didn't know what I was doing.

And this was just the hours of 6 pm Friday to 1:30 pm Saturday.
I haven't even got to Sunday yet. 

But somewhere in the middle, between that place of busy hands and making plans;  Heart showed up too.
And a lot of Faith.
A little glitter pixie dust probably too.   

I figure that's the secret.   That's where you find the One Good Thing.    No matter what comes your way; you gotta look with your Heart; and not your eyes.

I hate the planning and the organization and I make a terrible pancake.
But I rock the Candy Sushi and Aboriginal Dot Art.

And when little girls are crying because they don't want to go home.  Even as tired and played out as they are.
You know you did good.
You gave them that safe place; to find themselves.
A child that walked through a door, shoulders drooped and head low, and maybe even clinging to her mama not 18 hours previously; leaves with a bag full of crafts and stories and Memories for a lifetime.  
She can do this!
I didn't go home with a bag of crafts myself.
But I did learn that I don't have to fret and worry so much.  I can do this too.
In that middle place between your heart and your hands; I found myself too.

But.... I am gonna take a big nap soon.
Y'all can enjoy some Candy Sushi while I snooze.

How To: 
Gather all the candy you will be using and have it handy.  Make your Rice Krispies as per package instructions and press into a large cookie sheet, or shallow pan.   They should be warm and pliable.   Cut the dessert into long strips, about 1.5 - 2 inches wide.   We used Fruit Roll Ups to represent the seaweed, and laid it along the rice dessert.   It also worked great to hold the other candy in place.  Once you have placed all your "fillings," roll up the dessert and press it slightly so it will hold together.   Cool for about 5 minutes in fridge before eating.  Chopsticks optional; but a lot more fun.

Where did you find One Good Thing?

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