So this here is a Blog Takeover!!
Last week it was Angel Girl with her dark and stormy night dream story
Thank you for all the lovely comments - she was thrilled!!!

If you have more than one child, you know that things like this just stir up the sibling rivalry quotient to about Def Con 2.

Naturally her older brother could not idly stand by and watch his younger sister receive all the worthy praise.   Unacceptable.

In truth, I am happy to see them applying their attention to something other than building with squares and rectangles.  *eyeroll*

Today's Art by Monkey Boy was inspired by a cell photo I took of him holding our cat Cashew this week.

That image may look like something else familiar to those of you with children.
We'll get to that shortly.
But first, a little bit about Cashew from his dear person.

Meet Cashew.
He is a brown tabby cat and is almost 2.   He is a unique and sweet and cut cat.   He likes his space and is not a lap cat.  (truth ~ Rory)   Sometimes when I come out of the shower, he will attack me.   (and feet when you come up the stairs ~ Rory)

One time he got on the fish tank and opened it a little.   He got a face full of water because all three fish spat at him.
Cashew is a ferocious cat, but is overall sweet and cute.   Cashew is like a brother to me.  I don't know what I would do if I lost him. 

Aaaaawwww!!     Kleenex anyone?
It's true that he is this combination of sweet and sour.    He never comes to be petted unless he wants food, or that time we went camping for a week.   Five minutes later I swear he was all, "sooooo, when you leaving again?"

But the only time he will come willingly sit by me, is at night when Left Brain is working.  He will sleep on his side of the bed often until Left Brain comes home.   I like to think that he assigns himself as my protector at these times.   Or maybe it's just that I cook a lot of chicken.

He is rather indifferent regarding the girls.   I think he believes they are just noise with dirt on it.    The treatment he tolerates from them though -- really shows his patient and sweet side. Fairly certain he walks away from them, mostly unscathed, but thinking "if that chicken cooker person who knows the exact spot to scratch on my neck wasn't here... you'd be shredded.  Shredded!"

MonkeyBoy also drew you a picture.  Because, rivalry.

Since this is my blog -- I feel a need to reclaim the post with my own Art.
Remember the picture above of him holding Cashew up?
I couldn't resist.

Because you know, rivalry.

Saturday Art @ ImagesByCW