Before I get into the Art aspect of this post, I'd like to add something further to my post yesterday, "Say What?!"  

I know what I wrote sounded suspiciously like a good old fashioned rant; and it would be easy to dismiss it as just that.
But, that would be a mistake on your part.

The thing is, I know from experience - and by that I mean hot, salty tears of wondering why I am sticking with this Stay At Home gig because it feels very much like it's pointless and undervalued most of the time -  how important it is to know that your decisions are not pointless mistakes.  Even if you make a lot of mistakes within a day.   And you will.
It will be okay.
They are your mistakes to make.  
Mostly:  You are not anothers version of you: You Are You.
And that is all you have to be.

You have value.  You are necessary.
I wanted to dispel the lingering myth that SAHM's are lazy, sitting watching Netflix or reading 50 Shades novels all day while their children sit around in dirty diapers on a goldfish cracker encrusted carpet, a dripping sippy cup dangling from one hand and a tech gadget in the other.
Even if all you managed to do today was brush your teeth, get the mail and keep your kid alive: Congratulations Mom!   Some days are super tough, and you're still hanging in there!

The truth is, as a SAHM you can be as busy - or not, as you wish to be.  If Dora episodes and crafting make your brain go numb: you don't have to do that!  You can do something else.  If you have a Netflix binge one day because it's coming at the end of 2 weeks of teething, or colic where you have slept approximately 11.6 hours in total:  you are wise to take that break.
Everyone else would be wise to shut up and leave you alone.

You can literally stay at home, or you can be out in your community participating and serving.  Or like me, do a bit of both.  Yes, my kids are all in school during the day now, but the activities I described yesterday?  I still did similar ones when the kids were all home.  We did not simple Stay in the house all the time.
I do not have more FREE time because they are all in school -- I still participate and serve. 

So, my "rant" was more for the moms, than for the people who ask stupid questions.  To encourage you in the face of people who judge or make assumptions about your lifestyle choice.   To those that would dismiss you altogether because you do not earn a pay cheque.  We have not in fact separated ourselves from the society at large; simply because we do not get up and go earn a pay cheque every day.  We are still part of your community.   Our voice, as much as our Vote, still matters.  We are Contributors!

To dismiss us as non-contributors to the world around us is insulting and de-values our choices and the work we do.  Please do not make the mistake of judging the album based on the one cover shot:  it takes many photos to tell one person's story, and you cannot know this unless you read the whole book.  

When you take the time to do that; 
you will see how each Life is Art.

Now, on to the art.

Speaking of photo albums (Queen of the Segue, right here!), who keeps them anymore?
Our lives have become so digital.   I can't even tell you how many photos I keep in neatly organized folders on my computer that never even make it here; let alone get printed for storage.

However, I am old fashioned too.   So much so, that if you send me a photo of yourself, or your family, or your pet: it goes on my fridge.
My fridge has more photos than food.

Well, that was becoming a problem; even if it is a good problem to have.  
But, I can't have photos flying every time I open the door.
And then I realise, oh crap: I have to craft.   And I deleted my Pinterest ages ago.

Well, Google works too.
Long story short because I don't really like craft tutorials:  I have Wall Photo Art!!!


I think it's self explanatory: get yourself some fabric, string and a glue gun and have fun!
And yes, I do realize I need more ribbon for the sides.   *facepalm*

Finally, since it's Love Day tomorrow, I had an older picture of my girls that I wanted to do something special, because they also have a bulletin board for their bedroom.
Enter PicMonkey!

And then I couldn't resist one for the Left side of my  Brain too! 

I think I may actually be getting used to being Crafty!
I have already started the next DIY home project. 
Stay Tuned.

But while you wait, go make some Life Art!
Happy Valentines' everyone!

Saturday Art @ ImagesByCW