I have not been able to get back to my own beach story, due to some technical difficulties with my Word program.  It seems to have locked me out of my story.

Poor Mike and Callie, stranded in the dark of a storm with a young boy to care for, while they try to get to know one another better.
I promise; we'll get back there.

In the meantime, I bring you this other collaboration of a dark and stormy night, with my daughter Angel Girl.   The idea is completely hers, but I did help to "set the scene" in a dramatic fashion.

Gather round the campfire all.

The Cold, Dark and Rainy Night

Once upon a time on a cold, dark and rainy night.  There was a dark forest at the edge of town.   The wind howled through the tops of the trees, like a thousand ghosts screaming out into the night.   The owls hooted a warning of danger within.

I was just coming out of the forest, just before the sun set behind the big town clock tower, when suddenly an owl swooped down and grasped me tight within it's sharp talons.  I shrank and shrank to the size of a tiny mouse; wiggling desperately within it's closed claws.   My mouth open wide in screaming that was lost in the sounds of the wind in the willows.  From beneath their shaded limbs, a tiny mouse came running forward and hugged me tight within in his tiny paws. I looked down at my clothes, and realized I was only wearing a mouse costume.  The fur was all soft gray, except for the inside of my ears, which were a bright pink.

All of a sudden I heard knocking on a door.  I looked around the trees, as the shadows lengthened, but could detect no dwelling within their shroud of darkness.  The tiny mouse held me tight, and stared into my eyes with a pleading look.  The knocking grew louder.  As though from a distance, I could hear my name being softly called... but soon growing to a shout.  It startled the owl, who immediately dropped me.  I was falling down, down, down so fast and the wind mingled with my cries, and that of my name still being hollered.   A light burst from above just before the moment of impact.  I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, and clutched my tiny mouse friend out of fear of the inevitable crash.   But... none came.

Instead I floated, as though out of a dream, and landed in pillowy softness.  As my eyes grew accustomed to the bright light, I saw a face before me.  Blurred, yet familiar.  Then a voice came from out of the light...

"Harold.... get up!  You're going to be late for school!"

I pressed deeper into the softness beneath, only to discover it was in fact my own pillow.   I was safe in my bed, and my mommy was here.  Cheesy, my favourite stuffie, a mouse, clutched tightly to my chest.   I looked into his friendly eyes, and started to laugh in relief.

"Harold, get out of dreamland and into the shower, before you miss the bus," my mom rolled her eyes, as she turned on a heel, closing the door behind her.

I smiled in the direction of my mom and rolled out of the bed, heading to the tiny bathroom off my bedroom.  As I passed by the window, I stole a glance at the forest beyond our house.  I could hear the wind outside and see the trees swaying back and forth.

And there on the tallest pine, right beside the corn field, was the old plastic owl; standing guard.

Color me proud!
I think she has the makings to be a pretty good story teller one day.
She also drew a picture to go with her story. 
Please do make note of the Captain America art on the walls!   :)

Of course I had to make my own photo art too.
I wanted to learn how to place a "gif" - basically a picture with animation - over one of my own photos.  I found the perfect owl gif via Google, and had a great snowy woods shot to blend it with.  And, viola!

(although with Blogger size restrictions, it may be considerably slowed down when viewed in your browser.)

Just shows you:  you're never too young to make art, or too old to learn new tricks.   All you gotta do is Dream Big.

I will be away this weekend, in a house that has no WIFI!!   Not even a computer.   Can you imagine?!   So, I will have to catch up with everyone next week.

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