I am just back from a fun weekend at one of my best friends homes.   It was her daughter's 30th birthday, and I traveled back to my hometown to help her throw quite the surprise party!

And I partied the night away with single somethings.
Did I ever really actually stay up so late, and dance for 2 hours when I was that age?
Turns out - I still can!

But the next day.... oh, regret for breakfast!   LOL

Thankfully I found this great app for my iPhone that has meditations you can play for various occasions.  Whether your anxious, stressed, frustrated, tired, sad.... there's an App for that!

The one I used, which has a great Greet The Day session that was perfect for a tired, when did I get so stinkin old and who is in charge of coffee in this place kinda morning

It's called Stop, Breathe and Think, and while it only has a few options, I find it useful for those times when I just need a quick reminder of Gratitude, or to Just Breathe.   And there is a special section that specifically deals with Anxiety.

You can go straight to specific guided meditations, or if you are not sure exactly what you need any particular day, you can use the "How Are You?" feature that will ask you a few questions, and then make recommendations. 

 So, if mediation is something you think you might want to try, this is a pretty cool introduction.   There are not a lot of options, so you will likely move on to a more complete app eventually; but since this is Free - it's a good start.

It was a nice pause in the day, since I had a 3 hour drive back home ahead of me.  And remember, I started a new fitness program, so I still had to do my workout when I arrived home.   And eat!!!   Because 30 somethings out partying do not think of healthy food options the morning after!

The road seemed ever long, and due to my tired just-wanna-get-home state, I was rather staring down that white line something fierce.   When suddenly I noticed it seemed to be getting pretty dark out.  I took off my sunglasses and turned the headlights on, and in doing so glanced to my left.

 Wow.  Country sunsets are the best!!
But then, as I traveled around a big curve in the road, look what come up on my right.

It was a like a completely different world on the other side of the road, as the moon was a bright orb low in the sky.   Casting it's glow over the snow fields in the dying light of day.   The road a divider between night and day; and I in the middle paused on the edge.

My iPhone doesn't even truly capture the amazing.   (Naturally, I did pull over and get out of the car to get these shots.)

I'm sorry to be so greedy with my #onegoodthing(s), but I don't know if you have ever stood on the edge of night and breathed in the cool air, but it's a pretty spectacular feeling.

And one heck of a reminder to remember to not always be focused on what lies ahead, but to take the time to pause and notice the beauty happening to the right, and on your left.

"Every day may not be good... but there is something good in every day." 
~ Alice Morse Earle

That's the inspiration behind the #OneGoodThing weekly link up that the lovely Boca Frau created; and invited Claudia and myself to help spread all the Goodness.   

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