"Every day may not be good... but there is something good in every day." 
~ Alice Morse Earle

That's the inspiration behind the #OneGoodThing weekly link up that the lovely Boca Frau created; and invited Claudia and myself to help spread all the Goodness.  

Did you know it only takes about 3 weeks for something to become a habit?
I can tell you; it's true.
It's easily becoming second nature now for me to find the beauty in every situation.  The magic in the mundane.  And sometimes, to just bring my own sense of Awe and Wonder, where it seems none can be found.

You're on a hillside and it's so freezing your camera is constantly fogging the lens, and it's starting to make funny sounds each time you press the shutter release.  You can barely feel your fingers -- but maybe just One More Shot.

And there you go:  Magic.

Some say nothing is ever written in stone, and I don't know if that is true, but I do know you can write love in the snow.

And no - it won't last forever.
But, a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts.
It's beautiful because in the moment, it is the Truth that you grasp and hold tight to carry forward another day.
Despite all the chaos and failings around us; we reach, and hold and move forward to continue our story.

Maybe it's just leaf and wood and sky that you see while standing shivering on a hill.
But I choose to the see the beauty of Grace shining through the ordinary, and turning it into something extraordinary.

It's a frozen landscape that keeps us indoors, though the sun shines bright and welcoming from your cozy spot by the fire.
Or is it a blank canvas just waiting to carry a message to your loved ones who you cannot be with on this special day?

Just one moment in time that I hold.  Just for me.
And it's good enough.

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