I don't know if your holidays flew past, but mine sure did.

I found I hardly picked up my camera - we just always seemed to be doing stuff.   
Despite what I said about not making resolutions, I do think I need to remember that the poor neglected thing exists!

But I did manage a few shots over the holidays, so here's a random sample.

Evergreen, ribbons and lights:  just a few of my favourite things.

My neighbours are actually very nice; despite the inclusion of this mean guy on their lawn.

 They made it look like he was pulling their lights off the roof.   Is that not the best idea!?
Unfortunately I did not think to get a night shot.

MonkeyBoy bought some cute window peepers.   They have colour changing lights.
The cat was quite miffed they took his prime viewing spot.

 And of course, Santa Claus came to town.
He had to be a bit creative since we did NOT have a White Christmas.