Do you have one of those Bucket List things?
I don't have one of those Bucket List things.
I like the idea of those Bucket List things... but then,  I don't make one.
I suppose it would run counter to this Living in the Moment and Be Present thing I've got going on.   Because then I would always be wishing I was doing something on my Bucket List.

Still, Australia sure looks beautiful.  And I don't know; could I really jump off a cliff with only ropes around my ankles while the world comes rushing up at me?
There will be swearing; not gonna lie. 

Yeah, I'm not doing a Bucket List.
I'm gonna LIVE.
Because the truth is:  you only DIE once.

However, the one concept I do like about the Bucket List Idea, is that it does teach you to acquire Experiences in this life; rather than Things.   That I am here for.

I saw this idea of doing a REVERSE Bucket List over at Coach Daddy's.   Besides the bath tub, that's quite honestly where I get a lot of inspiring ideas.

Also taco cravings.

It's not that I don't have things I want to do.  It's that I would rather take a moment and celebrate those bucket list worthy moments that I have already Lived.   Coach went for 100 I think.   I may be too tired or dazzled by the Christmas Tree lights to think of that many right now.

Traditional Bucket Lists are often full of grand ideas.  Inspirational activities and most certainly designed to motivate you towards that kind of Life.   But here, it only matters what has been important to YouWhat made an impact worth a memory in your experience.  It doesn't have to be a grand idea to anybody else. 

Life itself, is a grand adventure.
So... let's see just how I have lived thus far.
(And you, feel free to go back as far as you want in your own experiences - you don't have to limit to the previous year.)

Filed Under Scale Dizzying Heights:

climbed a farm silo... numerous times  
been to the top of the CN Tower
been to the top of the Empire State Building
been to the top of the World Trade Centre towers
Climbed Whistler Mountain   
got lost on Whistler Mountain
was rescued by a Mountie on top of Whistler Mountain

File Under Sun, Surf and Sand

dipped my toes in Peggy's Cove (Atlantic Ocean)
did NOT get swept into said Atlantic Ocean by giant waves at Peggy's Cove
Sailed on a Tall Ship around Halifax, NS Harbour
climbed Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica 
kayaked off Cuba  (Caribbean Sea)
honeymoon on Mayan Riviera, Mexico (Gulf of Mexico)
Key West Florida 
whale watching in Vancouver, British Columbia (nope - didn't see any)  - Pacific Ocean
played Beach volleyball at Wasaga Beach (Georgian Bay Canada)
beach volleyball at Grand Bend (Lake Huron Canada)
grew up basically in the sand at Picton Beach (Lake Ontario Canada)
water trampolines are the best
skinny dipped after midnight

File Under.... BRRRRRR

skated on the longest outdoor skating rink in the world: the Rideau Canal

snowmobiled across open water (I don't recommend this at all)

Canadian places I've downhill skied:  Calabogie Peaks, Blue Mountain, Mont Sainte-Anne, Mount Pakenham, Devil's Elbow, Mont Tremblant, Mont Ste, Marie,  Edelweiss Valley

American places I've downhill skied:  Killingston Resort (VA), Stowe Mountain Resort (VA), Smugglers Notch Resort (VA), Whiteface Mountain (NY)

made a snow fort in my front yard
polar bear dipped
jumped through the a hole in the ice (okay fine, after a very hot sauna)
played road hockey on Christmas Eve
ice skated on New Year's Eve
went riding in a one horse sleigh - jingle bells too
Christmas Day trail rides
 Ice Sculptures on Parliament Hill
 sledding down Old Fort Henry Hill
been in a Santa Claus Parade

Just Be Calm ... Breathe (famous people I've met)

the Great One (if you need more info, you ain't Canadian)

okay, let's just list all the hockey players:  Guy Lafleur, Bobby Orr, Jean Beliveau, Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau, Kirk Muller, Doug Gilmour, Eric and Brett Lindros, Don Cherry, Chad Kilger, Steve Yzerman, Mike Modano.... let's just stop here because there are a TON of players at an All Star Game at the Montreal Forum

played pool with Lanny McDonald (hockey, again)
Dan Aykroyd -- he's from my hometown
James Keirstead (Canadian painter)
Kurt Browning (figure skater)
Shaun Cassidy -- YES THE Hardy Boy (and first crush!)
Colin James (Canadian singer)
Norman Reedus  - Yes THE Daryl Dixon
also from The Walking Dead:  Micheal Rooker, Steven Yeun and Laurie Holden
Nathan Fillion - still squeeing!!!
Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings)
Shawn and Aaron Ashmore
Dean Cain (the other Superman)
George Takei !!!!!

Okay - so it REALLY REALLY pays to go to a Comic Con or Fan Expo.  Just saying.
No such luck on any Marvel Men -- yet! 

File under Random

been to Lady Liberty and got a beautiful and now bittersweet photo of the NYC skyline with the World Trade Centre Towers front and center

kissed a busker from England.  he could juggle and breathe fire, what can I say?

been spontaneously kissed by a stranger on New Year's Eve at midnight

performed on stage

kissed a cod; drank the Screech - Deed I is, me old cock, and long may your big jib draw  

slept under the stars

heard the sound of another heart beat inside me; three times

danced on a speaker at a concert.  (fine, more than once)

saved more than a few turtles from the certain death on the highway

river canoe journeys

read War and Peace 

published my own writing

romantic weekends at a Bed and Breakfast

had a big black bear visit my campfire and lived to tell it

loved a dog .... still.  (forever in my heart Benji)

moved to a city where I knew no one

got my Bachelor of Arts... and tons of debt.   
Paid that debt!

took a chance, fell in love, made a home...  and didn't look back.

That is a LOT of living folks.
I don't think I need no stinking Bucket List.   I need a nap.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016:  Reverse Bucket List

Look back and share some of the adventures and accomplishments of your life

What experiences have you acquired?
Time to celebrate all that you have done and the beautiful life you have lived thus far.  The accomplishments that have made you the amazing person you are today.   I hope you will find, as I have, hat this turns out to be a valuable exercise of Reflection and Gratitude. 

Next Week:   A Year of New -  What new things would you like to do in 2016?   Could you commit to doing one new thing each month?