Happy New Year!!

I trust that everyone had a lovely holiday and is looking towards 2016 as a year full of promise and good.
At least, that would be my Resolution for y'all.

I don't make Resolutions myself.    Unless you consider "yes, continue drinking coffee and writing all the words" a Resolution.

I do think it's important to have goals of course.  To follow your passions.  To grow as a human being.  To put the things of the past behind you and stretch forth into New.  

I think the reason I don't make resolutions is because I am very aware that we as faulty humans tend not to always achieve those high standards we set each January 1st.   And then the next January 1st comes round and we still say "This. Year!"
Yes, yes; it will be different this year.   Of course.    Maybe for some, it is.   Most: Not.   

Is that a familiar pattern to anyone?
If it is, I have a great suggestion for all of us!     This year, before making any resolutions of our future, what if we hit the pause button, and with a keen and reflective eye look BACK? I think it is absolutely for Transformation to be successful, we first must look closely at our Transition.

 How have we moved through the past 12 months?
Heck, the last 5 years perhaps?
Perhaps if each December 31st finds you frustrated, defeated and depleted, it may be your entire life that must be reviewed before another step of the journey can be taken.   A look back to all the goals you set, and see which you succeeded at, and those you failed to meet.   How else does one get to know the Real Self?

It's so easy to set lofty goals in life.   Rather like all those Bucket Lists I see that have such high goals.  I wonder if people are setting themselves up for a life of dissatisfaction?  Perhaps it even shifts the focus off all the things you HAVE accomplished!!

Did you ever sit down and make THAT list?

Well, if you want the chance to look back and see all the steps that grouped together to lead to the one and only YOU:  come back for Tuesday Coffee Chat on January 5th and share your Reverse Bucket List! 

The Coffee Chat post will go live Monday evening, with the linky available after midnight Monday.  Hope to see you there, and read about some great things you've done.   Let's celebrate all that you Are!