A new Year;  A New You!
I think that about sums up our idea of ringing in the New Year with brand new resolves of Change.   New and Improved!
Gonna. Get.  There.

And you know, it's not all together a bad idea.   I think we definitely should keep growing and evolving.   Personally I would hate to think I had already reached my full potential in my 40s.

I mentioned previously that I had become a Girl Guide leader back in October 2015 - I know that is not the new year, but work with me okay people.
I've just returned from a winter sleepover camp with seventeen 7-9 year old girls and I ... .can't.... even...  send....wine.. STAT!

I wanted to start a new direction; that was purposeful for both myself and my daughters.   For us to seek new adventures and growth along side each other.   To invest into their, and other young girls, lives.   To make a difference now; so that these young girls will come to us in those later years when life gets Really Complicated.
A mentor, if you will.

Folks.  I slept on the floor of an old church building.
There were sounds coming from the walls.   No... not young girl omg are they ever going to fall asleep voices.
I pictured this in my mind as my eyes squeezed shut.

I slept in the bat cave people.   New. Me.
I almost did this...

But no!  I pulled my sleeping bag over my head and tried to drown all the high pitched cries from my head.   And also forget about the bats.

And I am glad I did.   Angel Girl and I had a great time!   I met some wonderful young girls who were a blast to hang out with.   Helping them with meals, clean up, and crafts was time well spent.    A few years ago, I probably would not have ventured out to such an event.  Especially overnight.    And I am so glad I put any anxiety, hesitation or fear behind and Did It.

Embracing the New.   I can't pick just one word: I want all the new words for 2016!   Whatever comes, let it come.   Each new emotion, experience,  challenge; I will welcome it's addition to my life and the opportunity within.

I came across this piece of writing by Rumi that I first discovered a few years ago.  The poem is meant to encourage those who deal with depression or extreme anxiety; but I think it's something we all can take to heart.   I didn't quite understand it fully, before I began this whole mindful journey - but I am glad to rediscover it now:

OHH!!   I do really like that "meet them at the door laughing" part.
Because I can be more the hold the door closed against their intruding foot and wail about how this is gonna wreck my day type; and I need to work on that. 

Lucky me to have great friends in the blogging community who have great ideas; because I do believe I have found a way to help me overcome that stubborn first reaction.  I am really excited about a 365 Project that Suzi over at Boca Frau has started for this year too.  If you follow her Instagram, you may have seen the following:  #onegoodthing

If you follow my own Instagram.. because of course you follow my Instagram, right?   You will have noticed a few recent shots of my own under this hashtag.

I may not be able to participate for the entire 365 days (I'm already behind), but I think it's a Fantastic Idea.  A good way for us all to keep our minds on the beautiful things in this world.
Keep your eyes open for a possibly a future Link Up of OneGoodThing.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, January  12th, 2016:  A Year of New

What are some new things you would like to do this year?  
Could you commit to doing one new thing each month?

Have you tried anything new yet this year?
Especially chocolate... or coffee.   I'm really tried, please share your new chocolate and coffee.

Next Week:  Let it Go!!!  Is there anything you need to let go of this year, to achieve your goals?