Did you read my lovely Tent Story I posted on the weekend?
Take a minute and go read it now.... I promise; it's very sweet.

There's pictures too.
Rather crappy cell phone pictures, but still.

Once you've read the sweet story and seen the sweet, but crappy images; come right back here for The Rest Of The Story.

Arts and crafts DO NOT come naturally to me.
Neither does Technology.
And you already know how I feel about Glue Guns. 

So when ZooZoo wanted me to make her a tent for her new teddy bear, and I couldn't resist the power of sick and water little girl eyes; of course I went to Google.
Which didn't want to load.  Gggrrrr.   Wifi problems.
No problem, just reset: AWWW bingo!   Lovely tent designs to make.
Awesome, I'll just print these directions out and we are off!!

Printer failed to print document. 

Grrrrr.  Okay, reset printer.

Error: Printer cannot be found.

What the what!!!  #@*&

Left Brain: you just have to join the home network.  Make sure you're connecting to home sharing.

 Home network cannot be found. 

 OMG.  What is wrong now.   I just printed a document 2 days ago, and now suddenly the technology sprites have gotten inside and messed up everything.

Left Brain calmly resets Home Network Sharing.    Okay, try now. 

You have now joined Home Sharing.

 Yeah!   Press print. 

Print document to PDF.

What?!!  OMG.  Kill me now.

Brace yourself: gif containing curse word coming. 

And that's when mama's head exploded.
Because seriously?    What should have taken 5 minutes to locate a simple tent craft design, turned into a half hour of technical mishaps.
And I had not even started making the darn tent yet!   (only 4 finger burns!)

Here I was trying to make a tent for my little 6 year old; and pretty soon I was acting like a 6 year old.
With a better (ish) vocabulary.

Let. It. Go.
Let it go, can't hold it back anymore
let it go, let it go
turn away and slam the door

Yep.  Did those things.
Except, I don't think that's exactly what the song was truly about.
My adult temper tantrum because things were not going my way, and my increasing frustration at each challenge, is hardly akin to what the fictional character of Elsa had to endure.

Like, get over yourself real live person.   The real world is challenging.   Is it your first day here?
So pull up your big girl pants, put the quarter in the swear jar; and do try to remember all that Mindfulness you've been preaching practicing.  

Why can't I be calm in these situations?    My impatience always gets the best of me.

Oh yeah.
I don't necessarily subscribe to Astrology much, but boy... when it's right.   Ouch!

There's also that stubborn quality thing too.  Check.
And a wee bit of perfectionism.   Check, Check.
Honestly, when I think about, I really can't help it.   It's just in my nature.

BEEP!!  Wrong!
I can help it.
Whenever you find yourself losing control over your emotions, I guarantee that what has happened is that You Have Given Yourself Permission To Lose Control.
Which means: you totally CAN control those emotions.   It just feels better right now to get that high energy release.
But it doesn't actually solve your problem, right?   And you're now short a $1.25.  (I may have rounded... down.)
No, it took the calmer, cooler head of a Left Brain to actually identify the problem and take the necessary steps towards solution.
Then, and only then, did I become the rock star tent crafter you see in the final result.

Well, don't tell my husband, because there will be no living with him now...

.... but in the future, I am going to try to bring a little left brain action into my world.   I will apply that peaceful, calm gratitude that I have been learning about; and live it better.

I will take deep breaths and exhale nothing but all that negativity... silently!
Then I will breathe in deep all the positive energy and calmly centre my focus.

I mean, that's the goal.   Perhaps this year my one word should be CALM.
But you know I'm too fickle to just pick one lovely word.

Fair warning though; until I get a handle on this, if you should see me talking in a perplexed tone to my laptop, you might want to step back and whatever you do...

Also, our house has now reset the clock back to "Zero Days since someone last sang Let it Go from Frozen."

And. Breathe.

Tuesday, January  19th, 2016:  Let it Go!

Is there anything you need to let go of, 
before you can embark on this new year? 

Time out for Mom

Next Week:  Do you have a personal theme song?  Have you thought about picking one each year;  much like how blogs choose One Word?  take the test here to see yours