It seems a good time, at this start of a New Year, to look back.
I know that can be dangerous, for often it also too tempting to remain there and forget to take the steps forward and continue this journey.   I will speak more about that in a future post.

Yet, some things from the past linger in our deeper selves and it's good that we can remember them.  There are always signs along the journey, and just because you passed the mark -- it doesn't mean the sign ceases to exist.   Some signs are good.

Some signs are worth remembering; so we always remember the way.
The way back to our truest selves.

Well, at least that's what I think of when I spy a picture of the old, wooden fences I used to sit upon as a child.  They represent the good, the carefree days spent in sunshine, the long standing, and sometimes too; the slivers of life that Teach.   They are a sign that always leads back to Me.  

There is no fence nor hedge round time that is gone. 
You can go back and have what you like of it 
if you can remember.
~ Philip Dunne