This is the story, of a girl named ZooZoo.
Who wanted to play with her new favourite stuffie Katie Bear.
ZooZoo loved dressing Katie Bear in her cute little hand knitted sweaters; especially the one that said "Friends" on it.

ZooZoo was very excited about taking her warmly dressed friend over to meet her grandparents.
But then.... something bad happened.
Something pink.
Usually ZooZoo LOVED Pink!  Pink was the greatest colour: it was Pinkalicious!
But pink was not super when it was in your eye, and you mama said you were "contageeousy" and couldn't leave the house!!

Now Katie Bear would never meet Grandma and Grandpa!!   And what was ZooZoo gonna do all day stuck in the boring stupid no good worst day ever house!?

Well, maybe you could pretend to go someplace with Katie Bear, suggested a weary mommy.   (names with-held to protect the weary and grumpy mama bear)

NO!  That's stupid. And boring.  And no good fun and I just hate THIS DAY!

ZooZoo's eye may have been pink -- but she was definitely seeing RED!

Mama Bear thought maybe it was time to talk to Katie Bear about her person's attitude.  After a short discussion about being positive, and proper attitudes and did her mama bear ever let her stomp through the woods and slam the trees (Katie Bear was suitably shocked at the suggestion!)   Katie Bear had the sudden thought that maybe she should take ZooZoo to her home in the woods!
What fun they would have!!
They could have a picnic in the forest with the other Teddy Bears!!

And have a bonfire and eat smores and sleep under the stars!
Mama Bear noticed that ZooZoo had crept a little bit closer during this discussion with her bear, and was leaning in quite close....

Mama?  Can Katie Bear and I sleep in the tent?   She asked with both new found meekness and a look of hope.

Well, thought Mama Bear, the real tent we use for camping is too big to fit in the house, but you and Katie Bear can make a blanket fort or something.

Oh no mama - Katie Bear and I will need a real tent to do our trip to the woods right.  Can you make us a tent mama.... ppplllleaaasseee??!!

Now, let me tell you, sad child eyes are a pretty hard thing to resist.
But sad, PINK and WATERY child eyes are impossible.

So, this is also the story, of how one weary and grumpy Mama Bear who just wanted to curl up with mug of hot tea and a good book and rest her tired rump, instead spent her "day off" making a tent.
For one sorta sick sorta just cranky little girl.
And one very loved stuffie bear.

First, I needed the tent frame.   As luck would have it, an old clothes hamper had ripped from the frame due to a freak Hide and Seek accident, and I was just left with a bare frame.

I turned it upside down and proceeded to make the tent floor.
Of course it had to be "pretty".... this is not just any tent floor.

Down to the craft bin I went, and grabbed some soft and colourful felt.
I grabbed a cereal box from the Recyle bin on the way back upstairs.

I glued the felt pieces to the flattened cereal box... 

and the stapled, taped, glued... whatever would freakin work ... the floor to the frame.

I may have been a bit frustrated at this point because the frame keeps closing on my hands as a I work.
No matter.  Nothing a couple of chopsticks, glue, duck tape and a muttered prayer won't fix.

Right.  So now I need the tent itself.
Don't ask me why I still had an old white crib sheet in my linen closet, when I haven't had a crib for about 4 years.   But it sure came in handy -- it was the perfect size and the fitted ends secured nicely.

A bit bland.
Raid the linen closet again.

Well now that is perfect for a teddy bear having a picnic in the woods.
Look at the moose!!  Just look at it!!!

There's a close up where I cut a hole in the bottom corner, and pulled some hot pink yarn though to make a loop...

.... so that the tent flap could be lifted up and secured to the Styrofoam piece I attached to the opposite top corner.
Thank you.

All together... and only 3 finger burns with the hot glue gun this time!

I hot glued a few friends inside so that Katie Bear would not get lonely when she was sleeping in there at night.
But I guess I didn't have to worry because ZooZoo said she brought her own favourite stuffie to sleep with:  Bunny Wunny.

Now, that does look rather cozy. 
Okay, so ZooZoo herself doesn't exactly fit her whole body in there also; but she can lay her head down with Katie Bear and that my sick little girls' sunny personality return.

They had a floor picnic in her bedroom, where Katie Bear convinced her to eat some of her favourite foods like blueberries, strawberries, peanuts and cheese crackers.    And then they lay back and pretended to watch the stars on the ceiling, with Katie Bear reminding her person to keep the cool cloth applied to her sore eye.

And when ZooZoo finally fell asleep, after a rousing sing along of Teddy Bear Picnic, Katie Bear was snuggled cozy inside her tent, right  beside her favourite person.    When ZooZoo awoke in the morning, sad, sore and crying because she could not open her sore eye, it was Katie Bear's voice she heard from the gray morning light beside her bed..

Remember what your mama said, put the cold cloth on your eye if it is sore in the morning.

Zoo thanked Katie Bear, and asked her if she would like to come keep her company in the bed big... just until she could fall asleep again.  And of course Katie Bear agreed.  She loved ZooZoo as much as ZooZoo loved her.   And ZooZoo had the softest blankets to snuggle under.

And that is how one rested, but slightly worried Mama Bear found one little girl with a cold, wet washcloth half on her face, and a soft blue bear tucked under her chin tight.