Well winter has arrived and Canada, and I guess with all this snow it became a little difficult to continue writing my Sunset Beach story. 

Don't worry, I won't abandon Mike and Callie!!
Maybe I just need a short trip south myself for some sun-inspiration!

The sun is beautiful when it reflects off the snow, no doubt; but it's just not giving me those calm, peaceful, easy feelings.
I need to heat things up a little perhaps.

I saw a picture of a fan posing with a celebrity in a Target store, and it got me thinking about Random.   Like imagine you are just out shopping for new socks, some granola and a few spare pens... and BOOM!!   There's that super hero from the big screen live in front of you also pondering Fruit of Loom options.
What if?

However, since I think it's rather really disgusting creepy to write about REAL people, I can't write that story. Exactly.   But, the idea does give me some inspiration for a little one shot about how two strangers might just meet on a Saturday afternoon, while out doing errands.  Because who knows where or where love will strike?

And a fire is lit.
*Mild sexiness ahead for those who prefer a little fluff only.*

Aisle Nine

Part One - Her

Can you imagine: you’re just shopping in Target: minding your own business.  Just going down your list and not really paying attention to anyone else in the store.  Humming away to yourself.

When suddenly you realize one of  your items is way up on the highest shelf. There’s no way you can reach it without climbing up the damn shelf.  As you get one leg on the bottom shelf, and are reaching up, praying the whole shelf doesn’t topple over, you hear a deep voice behind you…

“Need some help?”

… and this big freaking bicep suddenly fills your vision as it stretches up past you with ease. The scent of a rich musky cologne fills your senses.  You glance down and see that this stranger is not even standing on tippy toes…..and your eyes follow the toned length of him. 
Past muscled legs, trim waist and a t-shirt stretched taut over a chiseled chest as if it were poured on like molten sex; up past a scruffy jaw-line leading that leads to a half smirked smile.   Further up to one raised quirky brow over the bluest eyes you ever saw.  Your fingers graze his strong hand when he holds the item out to you, and as you lose yourself in the deep blue, and heady scent and the very nearness of him completely fills the already breathless space between you two…. 

that deep voice once more….

“Is this what you want?”

Part Two - Him

He pulled his ball cap low over his eyes as he entered the store, a hastily scrawled list clutched in his hand, while he shoved his car keys in his jeans pocket.  He paused a moment to get his bearings in the unfamiliar store.   
Why didn't I take mom up on her offer to shop BEFORE I came here, he shook his head and mentally cursed himself.  
Still, no time to stand here and ponder: better to be in and out quick.  This was the last place he wanted to be caught.  With that thought he grabbed a cart and began his shopping, oblivious to the female eyes that followed his tall, buffed form as he made his way up and down the aisles.  Surely those silent gasps were merely about some recently reduced item, and had nothing at all to do with how his shirt clung in desperation to his muscled form.  Or how his long lashes rested on scruffy cheeks when he paused to glance down at his list.

In the midst of all the aisle offerings, a flash of white on blue polka dotted pattern caught his eye.  What held his gaze was the finely shaped legs below.  Short, but lean and lightly tanned, they ended at small feet tipped with pearly pink polish.  A familiar tug in his gut and suddenly his jeans felt over-crowded between car keys, cell phone... something else bulging and begging for attention. 

"Geez, pull it together you Meatball. you wanna get caught with a big boner right here in the family Target?"    

A casual shrug of broad shoulders and an easy smirk flashed as he mentally tried to shake it off; but something about the petite woman held him in place.   It's just a sundress. A blue and white polka dotted thin strapped sundress.... over a very shapely form and what looked like the finest ass he'd ever laid eyes on.  His stomach clenched, as he was about to pull his gaze away, when he noticed the woman was staring up at the top shelf in front of her, and shaking her own head.  He immediately guessed her dilemma, and had to refrain from allowing a chuckle to escape - thus giving his over long perusal of her away.  

But in the next instant, he swore softly under his breath as she lifted one lithe leg upon the bottom shelf... and that sundress also went up, up, up those legs until the tan lined curve of - yes that was indeed the finest ass -- was slowly revealed as she stretched up to the very top shelf.  Perhaps his mother's many talks about gentlemanly ways was indeed louder than the sudden lust that pushed and pulled within him; as he quickly moved and covered the distance between them in 3 easy strides. 

"Need some help?"

He reached up, brushing the soft underside of her own up stretched arm with his bulging bicep, as he retrieved the item she appeared to be reaching for.  Oh god.  His breath halted: she smelled like soft breezes of summer, and sunsets on warm evenings, and a hint of something purely feminine.  His heart hammered in his chest as he held the item out to her, and, turning to face him, with a soft gasp of her own as their eyes met and fingers grazed. 

"Is this what you want?"

Was it Fate that intervened with a gentle push?  As she turned to face him, her foot slipped off the bottom shelf.  Delicate hands immediately flew to that strong chest and held tight.  He quickly moved one strong arm around her slender waist, drawing her up close against his entire hardened length.  As the can slipped away like the air pushed out between them, and rolled away out of sight.

In the few shallow breaths of a single moment; when violet hued eyes fluttered and widened; taking him ALL in with one sweeping glance.  Her soft lips parting into the flicker of a smile.  Caught off guard and off balance, and far too close to douse the fire in his blood: he knew what it meant to be undone. 

I guess since this is a Saturday Art post, I should include some kind of photo edit.

Hmmmm.... how about some cover art for my little story?

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm sufficiently warmed up.
I think I'll have no trouble heading back to that beach soon.

Have you ever had a random encounter that you knew would become something special?

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