Sometimes, I am a Girl.
Naturally, I am always a Woman.
Although, not all naturally.

Still with me?
My point is:  Is there anything better than just having your hair did?

Nothing.  AmIright ladies?

Sorry for any of you expecting some gender bending plot twist.
Because I do get a lot of emails addressed to "Chris."    Seems it isn't obvious a woman writes this blog.   *eyeroll forever*

No deep thought post either.   It's just about HAIR.
The Crown of Glory.
Sometimes; I am vain.    And it feels good.
Sorry, not sorry.

My point is.. and I am sure I have one, is sometimes it's just about feeling good, about looking good.
It can't always be deep mindful meditations about life and love and Marvel plot twists, with scattered Nature Photography.
Sarcasm pretty much always guaranteed tho. 
But, Balance!
So I am entitled to a healthy little dose of vanity every now and then.

Because listen:  I'm a mindful, spiritually aware person!
But I also only own so many headbands and 8 weeks of root growth is just not cool, okay!
The skunk look is not my best look.   I refuse to accept the gray that has crept into my life.
I live in colour!
There's not a lot of control that comes with aging,  and I am far too stubborn to do it gracefully.

I am eating better.  I had spinach, avocado and sweet potato for lunch.  In perfectly balanced and controlled amounts!   This. Is. Serious.
I exercise daily.   I even squeezed in a power yoga session before my hair appointment.
I am dedication personified!
Also, I didn't have to do my own hair, thus Free Time!

I don't bother with all those fancy anti-aging and wrinkle cremes.   I wash my face.  I moisturize.  WITH sunscreen.   That's enough for now.   I'm not buying what you're FEAR selling Cosmetic Industry.
But, I do have EOS lip stuff everywhere.   I put that sh*t on all the time.

Wrinkles though?  Bah!   That's just the road map of your Life leaving a testimony of all the bumps, awes and wonders, and detours that lead to something amazing.   The joy etched with the sorrows; that only a life well lived can show.
I'm fine with all that.

I accept the laws of gravity and how it applies to both apples in a tree, as to eye bags, as to once perky breasts.    Although, I am secretly glad now that I did not get those big breasts I wished for as a teenager.  Turns out being on the B side of life does have some advantages!
Some battles don't have to be fought, and for those that do:  Victoria has a secret for that.

But skunk head?!
Not. Acceptable.

So to answer your question Ms Busy-Nosy Body:

"When are you going to stop dying your hair?"   
*insert turned up nose*

When. I. Am. Dead.

Further:  IF it is an open casket -- PLEASE for the love of all things Holy - Do My Roots!!!
Then, I'll let it go.

Besides, I rather think I am not the only one who is determined to resist the gray.
And I don't just mean other women.

P.S.   Imma parked on Dye Job Street right now... but I am gonna be heading on over to "Why do you wear make up" street real soon!