Just a few iPhone shots of moments that really needed to be captured.
They are very much in the moment - no fine tuning, as you will see.

First, a few more Christmas crafts:

Tree and Tea:

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Ever been to a Bubble Dance Party?
They are the bomb!!  I mean....  Bubbles of Fun!

Finally, we are going to see the new Star Wars movie this Friday.
But you know ..... the new Batman movie looks awesome too:

Terrifying actually.
This is what greeted me when I arrived at our meeting room on Girl Guide Sparks night.  I cut off my high pierced scream at the end when the bat flew directly at my face.
You're welcome.

God Bless text messaging and a hubby who always has his phone nearby... and is 6 feet tall and not afraid of things that hang upside down from ceilings... or go swooshing by your face!   Thank you Left Brain.  

Maybe I need a handy Bat Signal for Christmas!  

Now we're talking!