I finally got a lazy day this week.

It was glorious.   A whole 2 - 3 hours of just doing basically Nothing.
Well, unless you count watching Netflix as "nothing" - which I don't really because I only had two episodes left of Jessica Jones to watch, and there's just no way I am going into the busy Christmas season ahead wondering what the heck Kilgrave and his dad are up to, and if Jessica will finally stop drinking long enough to get the bad guy!   That's very important time management you know.

I realize that was probably Greek to most of you.
Still - Glorious!
Because - ME.  NOTHING!

But truly, it's a pretty good show; if you like super heroes, or just great stories and acting.
I am not too familiar with the story of Jessica Jones, but I was following along quite easily.  She has a great sharp, sarcastic wit.  Brutal honesty.  There's a look alike Steve Rogers.
I have dubbed him Bargain Bin Steve Rogers.    I would prefer the real deal quite frankly.

And then she said this!

And I was all:

I know... it's all Greek.   But this is my lazy day and it doesn't take much to excite me.  I'm pretty much happy if my favourite yoga pants are clean, and there is coffee cream in the fridge.    But fangirls do love to find these little surprise references within the Marvel universe.  It just makes us feel connected.   And I get to use a gif of Captain America in my post.
It has been awhile - I'm over due in fact.

And you know, the trailer for Captain America Civil War did premiere this week.

Yeah, brace yourself.
Marvelous edits are coming.

I used screen caps from the various Marvel movies, and put lyrics from Martika's song Toy Soldiers to the images.

*click to enlarge to slideshow*

Bucky Barnes - eternal lab rat caught in some one's grip

I shall call this one, "Chris Evans is perpetual confused."   ha

"I'm with you to the end of the line"  *soft weeping in the background*

epic battle sequence in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Can't these two just get along?
Okay, but can we talk about those arms?!!   Worth the price of admission right there.
Did I mention already that you can click to enlarge images? 

Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers
Bit by bit
Torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers

~ Martika - Toy Soldiers

It actually took me over an hour to do all those edits.
I may be doing "lazy" wrong.

Here's the trailer, if you are interested in that sort of thing.  (But seriously, it will help you understand where I got the images used above.)