Me and my glue gun are not friends.

Oh sure, it's great when I need something to stick for eternity.   However, odds are very good that my very own digits might often be victims of this hot mess.   And it hurts.  Much.

I especially like how you must sit there, watching the glue harden and cool still stuck to your skin, because the darn stuff is about as hot as the surface of the sun, so you cannot just get in there and pull it off.  I tried that a couple of times, and only ended up with two fingers stuck together once, and a drop of glue with skin stuck to it the other attempt.

Still, I can't quit it.
And it's received quite the workout lately.
First, there was a kabillion kids animal costumes to make for that outdoor Nativity thing I photographed.
Yes, I do the pictures AND make the costumes.   Do you know how long it takes to hot glue 400 cotton balls to 4 white pillow cases?

7 Finger Burns.
That's. How. Long.
And that was just the sheep.   I also needed cows, pigs and a donkey.  And animal headbands for all.

Here's a preview showing ZooZoo:

photo courtesy of C.Young
You can't really see the cotton balls on the pillow case, but trust me:  there are 100.
We had to put them over their winter coats because this was the only cold day in December thus far.
Because of course.

That headband tho.  Cutest thing evah.

Did I mention that there were angels?   With Real feathers on their wings?
5 finger burns.

But look at my Angel Girl!
(click to enlarge so you can really see the feathers)

Which bring us to Monkey Boy, or as I know call him The Favoured One.
Because he was a Shepherd, and all that required was a coat, a head-dress, and a wood staff.
No fingers were harmed in the making of this costume.

Shady Shepherd - photo courtesy C.Young
I might have some more photos - showing he actual shoot and not just candids, but as there are other children present in the photos, it might not be doable.

Here's a rough shot that didn't make the final cut because not everyone is looking at the camera.  But here you can see the shepherds keeping watch of their "flocks" by a real fire.   In a real field.  And with some actual kids. 

Well, you might not have any animal costumes to make, but you might just have a few restless kids over the Christmas Holidays.  And maybe they need to make a little gift for someone, or for their very own tree.

I went through great pain to bring this post to you.
All Artists must suffer somewhat for their Creation.   ;)

Cinnamon Stick Trees

Twig Ribbon Trees

Now go forth and arm thyself and don't forget some protective gear.
Crafting is hard core y'all.